WhatsApp Desktop Application Uses New System, More Responsive

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Jakarta, Gizmology – For those who use devices more like PC computers, of course they will access messaging applications more often from these devices than smartphones. For that, the experience between the two devices must be equally optimized. WhatsApp Desktop is one of them that is updated quite regularly.

Meta’s messaging platform is constantly being given new features, and at the same time its security is also improved. This time, WhatsApp Desktop is given an update that, not visually visible, but will feel more comfortable when used. Because it is designed with a completely new system.

Compared to Telegram, WhatsApp has started to catch up in terms of completeness of features. Starting from reacting in chats, group video calls, to recently the ability to quietly leave groups. Without having to be visible to other group members, except admins only. So what’s new for the WhatsApp Desktop application?

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The Latest WhatsApp Desktop Can Be Downloaded

WhatsApp Desktop

Simply put, the latest WhatsApp Desktop application will have a more responsive speed and minimal disruption. Not only that, it can be used to receive notifications and reply to messages even if the smartphone is not active or offline. So that users no longer experience applications that are not connected, or messages that arrive late.

This is because the application was redesigned from scratch. Through an explanation on the official WhatsApp Help Center page, so far the WhatsApp Desktop application uses a web-based (electron) basis, aka the same as the web version that can be accessed directly from a browser or browser. Well, the new and already released is now designed as a native Windows application.

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The latest WhatsApp Desktop can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store. The way to use it is still the same, namely by using a QR code that is scanned from a smartphone. What about Mac computer users? Quoted from 9to5Mac, the WhatsApp for Mac public beta app was just released using Catalyst—the method presented to deliver the iOS version of the app for macOS.

Catalyst technology also does not rule out the presence of WhatsApp specifically for the iPad. Meta does have plans for this one, but there is no further explanation regarding when it will be released.

Will be able to “Undo” Send a message

WhatsApp Undo

Apart from the new WhatsApp Desktop, what is Meta preparing for WhatsApp? As usual, info regarding new features emerges from WABetaInfo. This time, a screenshot was uploaded showing a new way of sending a message, namely “undo”.

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This new WhatsApp feature will come in handy when Gizmo friends accidentally delete a message. Instead of having to type it again, as soon as the message is deleted, an undo button will appear at the bottom right of the screen. When the button is touched, the previously deleted message can reappear.

This feature is still in testing, so WhatsApp may not implement this feature, or even quickly bring this feature to the non-beta version of WhatsApp in the near future. We’ll just wait.

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