Will Shakira Face 8 Years Sentence for Income Tax Fraud? Check Full Cast Story
Will Shakira Face 8 Years Sentence for Income Tax Fraud? Check Full Cast Story

Will Shakira Face 8 Years Sentence for Income Tax Fraud? Check Full Cast Story

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A legendary pop star Shakira has been in the headlines after being accused of tax fraud by authorities. The already-famous Colombian singer has suddenly turned his attention to himself following fraud allegations. Shakira is known to be a global face, so word spread quickly. It spread like wildfire and the singer became the talk of the city. All her fans and other netizens are working hard to investigate the whole incident. Get more information on Shakira’s 8-year prison sentence.

The world-renowned pos star diva started to build attention when she was charged by the authorities and charged with tax fraud. The case became the most discussed topic after prosecutors demanded eight years in prison and a fine of more than 23 million euros for Shakira. There are more than six cases against the pop star, prosecutors said. All her fans are eagerly awaiting the response from “Queen of Latin Music”. All information has been disclosed by key information sources.

The singer was accused of evading personal and inheritance taxes before she was accused of defrauding the country of around 14.5 million euros in taxes. Authorities claim the singer failed to file taxes between 2012 and 2014. Prosecutors further explained that the singer was in a relationship with Spain and FC Barcelona centre-back Gerard Pique at the time. The couple lived in a house the singer bought in Barcelona. The couple had decided to part ways the previous year. Authorities began investigating Shakira in 2018.

Authorities tracked her to barbershops, beauty salons and doctors when she was pregnant. Ultimately, the investigation confirmed that she had spent more than 183 days in Spain. All evidence was then presented to a judge at a hearing in July 2021, which the judge said was sufficient to show the singer committed tax fraud.

On July 27 of that year, authorities proposed a settlement to Spanish prosecutors, but was rejected by the pop diva, who decided to go to trial, which could begin in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more information and updates.

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