Xingtu Photo Editing Apk from China, this is how to download and use it
Xingtu Photo Editing Apk from China, this is how to download and use it

Xingtu Photo Editing Apk from China, this is how to download and use it

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Xingtu Apk

Xingtu Apk – The world of photo editing is now bustling again with the emergence of an application called Xingtu Apk. Applications that fall into the photo editing category have become popular thanks to the cool features in it. Those of you who use this Chinese bolt-on application will certainly be surprised by the super cool edits. You guys need to know that Xingtu apk is an application made by Beijing Yanxuan Technology.

Currently, this application called Xingtu is the talk of many people and many have even used it. As for countries that have used it, among others, are Vietnam, South Korea and other countries.

You can download the Xingtu application on the play store, but if you can’t find it, then we have prepared the file for you guys. Alright, let’s see the full explanation.

What is Xingtu Apk ?

Xingtu Apk

The Xingtu application is a photo editing application originating from China Beijing Yanxuan Technology, a photography utility that includes many features such as filters, beauty tools and much more so that the edited image is perfect.

The users of the Tiktok application in China, many who use the Xingtu application, the results are cool and very extraordinary. For those of you who want to try it, please download the apk at the following link.

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Download here: Xingtu

When installing, you can activate unknown sources, guys, this is an anticipation step if the apk requires permission from an application that is not from the play store.

Before using it, you definitely want to know what features are in it, guys. OK, please check below.

Features of Xingtu Apk

  1. Can change the shape of the body into a supermodel

By using this feature, those of you who feel fat, a body that is not ideal can use the feature. As a result, your body shape will become a very cool supermodel, even you yourself will be surprised and don’t think that the results are really satisfying.

2. Face editing

There are 10 face edits that you can use, among which the effects can make a pointed nose, a smooth face, a small forehead-shaped face and much more. You just have to choose which one you like, guys.

The 2 features above are features that you can rely on, but for more satisfaction you can directly download the application, guys. So far the apk is free so please download it now.

How to Use Xingtu Apk

Since the language is Chinese and the admin himself knows for sure, but here we have tips so you can try it, guys.

  1. First you download and install the Xingtu application at the link above.
  2. Then open the application.
  3. To edit your photos, usually there will be a + (plus) button or icon, if there is, just click it, then you have to enter the photo to be edited which can be sourced from the gallery or take photos directly from the camera.
  4. When the photo is available on Xingtu, then you can start editing.
  5. After we checked, the language is indeed Chinese, but the icon of the feature still displays icons in general, for example to edit the nose to be pointed, then you can choose the count icon and there are many choices of nose types.
  6. There you can also see many icons, ranging from lighting, face selection and many more.
  7. So, for those of you who don’t understand Chinese, you can choose the icon, guys, to check it.
  8. Good luck.
Xingtu App Advantages

As explained above, the advantages of this apk are that there are many features that can be used and the results are extraordinary. You can use photos that are in your gallery and then enter them in the application, then at that time you can edit easily.

Xingtu Apk Disadvantages

Unfortunately this application uses Chinese, maybe users who don’t understand the language will find it difficult to use it, guys. But it doesn’t matter, you can translate it using Google Trend, guys.

Now you can use it and start editing your photos, you can save the results back in the gallery or you can also share them on social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

Congratulations on your creative editing of photos, hopefully the results are what you want, guys, don’t forget to share this information by sharing the article with your friends, thank you.

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