YouTube Blue Link Download Apk Mod v16 2022
YouTube Blue Link Download Apk Mod v16 2022

YouTube Blue Link Download Apk Mod v16 2022

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Download Link YouTube Blue APK Latest Version 16.11.21 – Currently the development of applications is very rapid where developers are competing to make the best applications with complete features.

This is evidenced by the emergence of a variety of applications with different looks and advantages. The streaming application that has appeared is no exception, namely YouTube Blue (Youtube Blue).

Do you often use YouTube? Are you bothered by ads and some locked features? Is there an age restriction?

Download YouTube Blue now and enjoy a seamless experience with additional features now.

Blue YouTube APK Download Link Latest Version
Blue YouTube APK Download Link Latest Version

Are you someone who likes to watch a lot of videos on YouTube? There are billions of YouTube users today because many people are watching more content than ever before.

Now, it can be seen that there are more content creators because there are more opportunities online today.

But if you are bothered by ads and other limitations on this platform, it’s time to download YouTube Blue on your Android phone.

This app lets you play videos like the original but with additional features.

What’s blue youtube for? Blue Youtube is an app that can watch Youtube videos like you would in a normal app but the only difference is that there is an ad blocker.

It allows you to enjoy the video more and you and you can play the video in the background even while doing other things.

Apart from that, there is also an HDR Mode, the ability to zoom in, resolution, window style, repeat videos, download videos and much more. Simply put, this app provides the best YouTube experience out there.

Features of YouTube Blue Apk

YouTube is the second most popular website today after Google which is the owner of the platform. Almost all of us today have heard of or used YouTube before.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re already using it today because it contains so many interesting videos.

It is a platform where you can watch and upload countless videos in various categories.

Many content creators today make a lot of money on the platform in a variety of ways apart from advertising.

But if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy ads while watching, then YouTube Blue Mod is the right app for you right now.

Blue YouTube APK Latest Version 2021
Features of YouTube Blue Apk

In this app, you will enjoy a built-in ad blocker that allows you to enjoy ad-free videos every day.

Apart from that, you can enjoy listening to YouTube videos in the background which is a feature only available to premium users in the original app.

Then, there’s also a feature that lets you download videos, change themes, loop videos, and much more.

1. Ad Blocker

We all know that today’s content creators make money from advertising on YouTube. So, the more people watch their videos and see their ads, the more money they can potentially make.

But for some viewers, these ads can be annoying, especially because they interfere with our viewing experience while watching.

Thanks to YouTube Blue (Youtube Blue), you can enjoy a built-in ad blocker that allows you to easily watch videos without ads.

With this, you can enjoy watching videos smoothly and without being interrupted.

2. Play Video in background

YouTube Blue also lets you play videos in the background without stopping the video.

In this app, you can then listen to any other music, podcast or video you want without even downloading it. This feature is only available to premium users in the native app.

But YouTube Blue, you can enjoy using it anytime and anywhere.

3. Mode HDR

If you are someone who likes to watch videos in the highest possible quality, you can also enjoy the HDR mode in this app.

You can now watch videos in HDR mode which provides the clearest viewing experience ever.

4. Zoom In

You can also zoom in easily on the video you are watching. This feature allows you to see content more clearly especially if you have a small screen resolution.

5. Topic

You can change the theme to default or night mode in the native YouTube app. But here, you can change it to different colors. There are colors like blue, red, yellow and many more.

6. Repeat video

You can also have option to loop video easily in this app. Or you can loop through the entire playlist if you want.

Get the most satisfying YouTube viewing experience with the Blue YouTube Mod app. Enjoy watching without ads and with additional features.

Many Android HP users are already using this application to watch their favorite videos. If you are interested in using it, please download it via the YouTube Blue APK download link that is already available.

Name Youtube Blue Apk
Version 16.11.21
Size 62.6MB
Update January 1, 2022
Support Android 4.0+
Developer Vanced Team
Blue Youtube Apk

(Link MediaFire)

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How about you, have you installed the latest version of YouTube Blue APK on your cellphone and enjoyed all the features?

That’s the discussion about the Blue YouTube Mod Apk 2022 application which is currently being sought after by Android users.

Hopefully this article is useful and can be a reference for those of you who are looking for a YouTube application without ads. Thank you

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