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10 best data recovery apps – The name of digital products can certainly be damaged. And that is actually something very reasonable. And it could just attack your Android. Which you could lose very important data.

Whether it’s due to a lack of storage space, a problematic memory card, accidentally deleted, then it becomes a problem when rooting and so on. So if this happened to you, what would you do?

For now, we advise you to use the best data recovery application. Because with the help of the best data recovery applications you can restore files that have been lost.

So you no longer have to worry about how to return it. So, if you’re curious, just take a look at some of the following recommendations.

Best data recovery app

Each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. And later you can choose which one would be closest to your wishes and needs.

Tenor share Ult data for Android

The name of the first application may be a bit difficult to pronounce and read. However, it is still included in one of the applications to be considered. Because this application allows you to restore files or data that have been lost from your cellphone.

Applications offer a variety of advantages of their applications that will make you tempted to use them. One of them is in terms of appearance which is quite simple. With the help of this application, you no longer need to bother to root your phone just to restore lost files.

Even the most interesting thing about this application is that it can restore your WhatsApp conversations without having to backup or root the phone. How interesting is it? When else can you try to restore all the lost files in just a short time.

One of the other advantages of this application is that it can recover all the data contained in your WhatsApp business application. That means the application is able to restore all important files contained in your WhatsApp business.

Starting from photos to documents. With a myriad of advantages, it is only natural that there are so many people who take advantage of this one application. Moreover, its ability to restore contacts that may have been lost. In fact, the application is compatible with more than 6 thousand HP brands in the world.

Disc Digger

For applications that the camera also recommends is an application that also allows you to restore or recover files that have been lost very easily.

You can even restore lost data from the memory card or internal storage. The process also doesn’t require you to root your phone first.


The next best data recovery application is the recuva application. Some of you may already be familiar with this Repuva application. Which one is an app developed by piriform. And now it is very widely used by people.

The good news is that the Recuva application can not only be used by the Android operating system. But it can also be used for devices whose operating system is Windows. So far, it is an application that is still recommended for those of you who may not be so proficient in technology.

This is because the application has provided a fairly detailed guide that you can do when you want to recover various kinds of files that have been lost. However, the only data that can be recovered is the data stored on your memory card.

Because the application does not yet have the ability to recover files from the internal memory you have. So the application is useless when your Android does not have a memory card.

This application can be used for free. It’s just that there is a paid version available. If you’re curious, you can just download the app right now.


Dampster is one of the best data recovery applications that you can also consider. Because this application is like a trash can and is ready to help you recover files that have been lost.

When using the application, the application will automatically back up and also save all the data that you have deleted. And later it can be immediately canceled and then restored to the cellphone. This application offers a paid version that has been equipped with a variety of interesting features.

I called my d back

This application is also classified as an application whose name is quite unique. And still highly recommended for you to consider. This application is ready to help you when you want to recover files that have been deleted from your cellphone.

Even the application has the ability to restore data from a damaged phone. Very interesting right? The application party has provided a variety of interesting features that you can use later. And even the app has offered data recovery from the internal memory as well as the SD card.

Imobie phone rescue

Another recommendation is the Phone Rescue application which is claimed to have the ability to restore files very easily and quickly. And for now a lot of people are using it.

Application users do not only come from Indonesia but also from various parts of the world.

This is certainly an indication that this application is highly recommended for consideration. So for those of you who are curious, you can just download the application right now. The application claims that their application can recover files in various forms.

Star data recovery

Stellar data recovery is an application that can save various kinds of data that you have deleted. The Stellar application itself has various advantages that make it widely used by people.

The ease for the sake of convenience it has to offer has made it a very popular application. The process of recovering lost data using this application is quite easy to do.

Mini tool phone recovery

The next best data recovery application is minitol mobile recovery. This application includes a professional data recovery application.

Because it has the ability to restore or recover lost data or damaged data. The application developers have equipped their applications with two recovery models.


Another recommendation is an application that also claims that their application is the first application in the world that provides services in the form of recovering personal data. And for now the application can be used on more than 6 thousands of Android devices and has been used for more than 8 years.

This app also allows you to extract files from damaged phones. It is clear that there are a myriad of advantages it has. And you must try it.

EaseUS MobiSaver

The last application is an application that has a design that is quite attractive and easy to use. This application is highly recommended for you and when you want to restore files that have been deleted. The most interesting thing about this application is that it allows you to use it in secret.

So, those are some of our recommended applications that you can consider. Hopefully useful and hope it helps.

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