10 Reasons Wives Ask for Divorce According to State and Religious Laws

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10 Reasons Wives Ask for Divorce According to State and Religious Laws

Based on the BPS data report, Indonesia’s divorce rate in 2021 will increase by 53.50% compared to 2020. The highest cause is due to constant quarrels and disputes which are the reasons wives ask for divorce.

Divorce is actually a lawful act, but it is hated by Allah. However, if divorce is a way out for a household that cannot be saved, it is permissible. However, there must be a clear reason why parents choose divorce as a last resort, right!

There must be a clear reason when filing a divorce suit

In Islam, there is a hadith that states that the Prophet SAW said, “Every woman who asks for a divorce from her husband without reason, it is forbidden for her to smell the smell of heaven”.

So in religious law the reason for divorce is that it must be valid and justifiable. Meanwhile, in the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, marriage and divorce are also regulated by applicable law.

If parents apply for a divorce, it must comply with Government Regulation Number 9 of 1975, Article 39 of Law Number 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage and Article 115 of Presidential Instruction Number 1 of 1001 concerning the Dissemination of the Compilation of Islamic Law.

Because it is clearly stated in Article 39 paragraph 2 of the Marriage Law, it states that “In order to divorce, there must be sufficient reason, that the husband and wife will not be able to live in harmony as husband and wife.

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Therefore, parents must know what are the clear reasons a wife can sue her husband for divorce in accordance with state law and religious law. Here’s the full list!

10 Reasons Wives Ask for Divorce from Husbands

Based on state law and religious law, here are 10 reasons that allow a husband or wife to file for divorce to the Court:

1. One of the parties (husband or wife) commits adultery, or becomes a gambler, or becomes a drunkard, compactor, or other things that are difficult to cure

2. One of the parties (husband or wife) One of the parties leaves the other party for 2 (two) consecutive years without the permission of the other party and without a valid reason or for other reasons beyond his control

3. One of the parties (husband or wife) gets a prison sentence of 5 (five) years or a heavier sentence after the marriage takes place

4. One of the parties (husband or wife) commits cruelty or serious abuse that endangers the other party

5. One of the parties (husband or wife) gets a disability or disease with the result that they cannot carry out their obligations as husband/wife

6. Between husband and wife there are constant disputes and quarrels and there is no hope of living in harmony again in the household

7. Husband violates shigat taklik talak

8. Religious conversion or apostasy that causes disharmony in the household

9. Husband does injustice to his wife and violates the Shari’a

10. The husband violates the conditions agreed before the contract or during the contract

Shigat Talik Talak

Shigat Taklik Talak itself means to hang divorce. This happens when you experience the following conditions:

1. Leaving his wife for 2 (two) consecutive years 2. Not providing obligatory support for him for 3 (three) months 3. Hurting his wife’s body / body 4. Leaving (ignoring) his wife for 6 (six) months.

If there are one or more of the 10 reasons you experience, it is very possible to file a divorce suit against your husband. Because usually even though mediation is carried out, it is very rare to be able to maintain a household that has been built.

10 This reason can indeed be accepted by the applicable law, besides this usually mediation will still be carried out even though a divorce lawsuit has been filed in the Religious Court.

Those are the 10 reasons wives ask for a clear divorce according to state law and religious law. If you experience some of the reasons above, you are allowed to consider a divorce suit. Because a happy soul is the best! May be useful!

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