2 Latest Ways to Borrow Indosat Credit (SOS Credit)
2 Latest Ways to Borrow Indosat Credit (SOS Credit)

2 Latest Ways to Borrow Indosat Credit (SOS Credit)

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Hi Indosat card users, when the credit is urgent and far from access to buy credit, the information on how to borrow Indosat credit that we will share will definitely be very useful.

Indosat emergency credit or SOS is a service from Indosat Ooredoo by providing loans in the form of a number of pulses.

The amount that can be borrowed is up to 20,000 which can be paid when you top up. Interesting able to?

What is Indosat Emergency Credit?

Emergency credit is SOS credit given to Indosat prepaid card customers. This credit will be entered as SOS credit which can be used to buy call, sms and internet packages

Then how to get Indosat SOS credit? See how below.

How to Borrow Indosat Credit

To request Indosat SOS credit, there are two ways you can do, namely:

#1. Via SMS

If you are an Indosat user who meets the criteria, each of your main credits is used up. Then Indosat will send an emergency credit offer.

All you have to do is reply according to the instructions given in the SMS. If successful, there will be an SMS notification that the SOS credit has been successfully added and can be used.

#2. Via USSD code

how to borrow Indosat credit


how to borrow Indosat credit by dial

If you haven’t received an offer via SMS, just use the Indosat credit loan method via the code.

  • Press *505# on the call menu and OK/Call.
  • Wait for the code to run until a pop up menu appears.
  • Please select the nominal emergency credit you want to borrow.
  • A confirmation pop up will appear. Press 1 (OK) and submit.
  • Wait for an SMS from Indosat that states that the emergency credit has been entered.

Amount of SOS Credit that Can Be Borrowed

Each customer will receive a different number of emergency credits depending on Indosat’s policies.

But in general, the nominal amount that can be borrowed can be seen in the following table. There is also a service fee that must be paid when returning credit.

Credit Amount (Rp) Active Period (days) Cost (Rp)
1,000 2 450
2,000 2 800
4,000 2 1,600
5,000 5 2,250
6,000 5 2.700
8.000 5 3,200
10,000 5 4,000
15,000 10 4,500
20,000 15 6,000
Illustration: If you borrow 10,000 SOS Credit with an active period of 5 days. So after 5 days you have to top up a minimum of IDR 15,000 to pay the debt plus a fee of 4,000

In addition, the cost of SMS and calls using SOS credit will also be different from the main pulse rate. Here is the complete table.

Service Duration Tariff (Rp)
Call each other per second 5
Call to another operator per second 17
SMS to all operators Per SMS 200

Want to share? Let’s find out how to transfer Indosat credit to others at a very cheap rate.

Indosat Credit Loan Terms and Conditions

Each service must have terms and conditions that all customers must follow. Likewise with Indosat SOS pulses.

The conditions are not complicated. Just check below.

  1. Your credit must be less than Rp. 2,500.
  2. At least you have been active in the last 3 months (top up credit, buy packages).
  3. No SOS credit debt.
  4. Credits transferred from fellow Indosat users cannot be used to pay off emergency credit debts.

Questions About Indosat Emergency Credit

  1. What are the criteria to be able to use Indosat’s SOS credit service?

    The active period of the card is more than 3 months.
    Remaining credit is less than IDR 2500.
    Already paid SOS credit before

  2. How many times are SOS credit offers given?

    Indosat will send at least 1 offer per day.

  3. Can this service be enjoyed by all Indosat customers?

    Yes. All prepaid card users except Postpaid and IM2.

  4. Can Indosat SOS credit be used for internet packages?

    Yes. Emergency credit will go into SOS credit and can be used to make calls, SMS and buy packages (internet packages, telephone packages, SMS packages, etc.).

  5. How do I quit this service?

    Indosat emergency credit is not a subscription service. The service will stop automatically if you have paid for SOSO credit.

  6. If I top up but the SOS credit is still there, what are the conditions?

    SOS credit will be used first. If it is used up, then the main credit will be used.

  7. Can the credit from the credit transfer be used to pay off debts?

That’s an explanation of how to borrow the latest Indosat credit that you can apply to your Indosat prepaid card.

If there are problems when requesting Indosat SOS credit, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments column. As soon as possible we will help answer.

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