2 Ways to Unblock PSE Kominfo Using Google Chrome Custom DNS
2 Ways to Unblock PSE Kominfo Using Google Chrome Custom DNS

2 Ways to Unblock PSE Kominfo Using Google Chrome Custom DNS

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Today social media Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram are stirred up with PayPal, Steam, Battle.net, Origin, and other sites being blocked by the Government, and many users are looking for how to unblock PSE Kominfo using Google Chrome and VPN applications.

These tips for unblocking Kominfo using Google Chrome Custom DNS and the WARP Cloudflare application are aimed at enabling users to re-access sites that were recently blocked by the Government for not registering the Kominfo Electronic System Operator (PSE).

Reported by Kopitekno from the official page pse.kominfo.go.id on Saturday (30/7/2022), it turns out that there are still quite a lot of foreign PSE lists that have not been officially registered, including PayPal and well-known gaming platforms.

In addition to the PayPal website, the Foreign Electronic System Operator in the form of the Lionstgeplay movie streaming website and Linkedin which is a professional site in search of the world’s largest career and job are also included in the Kominfo block list.

Therefore, Kopitekno.com has two tips to quickly unblock PSE Kominfo using Google Chrome and the Warp by Cloudflare application without any additional applications.

Guide and Procedure for Unblocking PSE Kominfo on Google Chrome PC, Laptop, Computer

how to unblock pse kominfo using google chrome and apps

In order to quickly return to access the PayPal website and the best movie streaming sites and gaming platforms that are blocked by Kominfo, you can take advantage of the default feature of the Google Chrome Browser, namely Custom DNS.

The steps for unblocking PSE Kominfo tips are as follows:

  • Click the Three Dots in the Top Right Corner of the Google Chrome Browser
  • Then select Settings or Settings
  • Then select “Privacy and Security” (‘Privacy and Security)
  • Then select Security / Security
  • If you have, scroll down slowly then on Use Secure DNS activate “With”, then click Custom
  • and change to Google (Public DNS) or OpenDNS
  • If so, please close the Settings tab and open a New Tab.
  • Done, the Gaming Platform and PayPal can be accessed again smoothly.

How to Set Google Chrome Custom DNS on Android and iOS Smartphones

The steps are not much different from the settings on a laptop, PC, or computer. Let’s see.

  • Please open the Google Chrome browser on your cellphone
  • Then Tap the Three Dots Icon in the Upper Right Corner, then select Settings
  • Then select Privacy and Security
  • Please activate Use Secure DNS by sliding to the right
  • Then select OpenDNS or Google (Public DNS) in the Choose Another Provider section
  • Done

Tips for Unblocking Kominfo Using the VPN WARP Cloudflare Application

In addition to using Google Chrome’s built-in Custom DNS feature, you can also quickly unblock PSE Kominfo using the Cloudflare DNS VPN application.

The guidelines and steps and how to set DNS VPN Warp by Cloudflare, are as follows;

  • First, please download the WARP Cloudflare application from the cloudflarewarp.com website
  • Then select the download according to the HP or PC device you are using via the App Store, Google Play, macOS, Windows, or Linux
  • After successfully downloaded, install then open the application and go to Settings
  • Open the application, then activate
  • Setting without WARP (meaning Warp is not activated), this is done so that your location is still detected in Indonesia.

That’s the solution on how to unblock PSE Kominfo to be able to re-open the PayPal website, the best movie streaming site, gaming platform sites such as Steam, Battle.net and others that were blocked by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology because they had not registered for the Electronic System Operator.

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