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Latest Free Fire FF Redeem Code July 2020 – The popularity of the mobile battle royale survival game from Garena Free Fire (FF) is undeniable. This game with survival gameplay mode in this war arena provides fun that can be fun especially if you play with friends. No wonder free fire is one of the best-selling mobile games downloaded on the PlayStore.

Free fire was released with the advantage of many features and support running on android devices with measurable specs due to the small and light size of the game. Its popularity that is increasingly soaring in the top row of the mobile game chart on playstore is able to shift the previous champion, namely Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

The familiarity of the betttle royal-themed game from Free Fire cannot be separated from the role of the developer and publisher of the FF online game, Garena. Generally, mobile games with various game features are released with game sizes that are quite heavy and can only be played on Android devices with qualified specifications.

But apparently not with Free Fire, which was released in a small size and still presents a variety of interesting features in it. Among the features that you will certainly encounter in Garena Free Fire are the creation of player characters, the use of cosmetics, increasing the destructive power of weapons, binoculars, masks, and others that you can improvise by purchasing items through diamond transactions.

Unfortunately, diamond balances cannot be obtained for free, so each player cannot arbitrarily purchase items unless it is in the sultan’s pocket who can buy and top up diamonds at will.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for lazy players to try free fire diamond cheat tricks, hack via web generator and hunt for FF redeem codes or free Garena voucher codes to be able to get large amounts of diamonds for free. It’s really silly, yes, but as long as it can be tricked and it works, it’s up to you too.

Talking about the trick to get free diamonds, recently the Garena Free Fire players have been quite busy with the hunt for the latest free FF redeem code which has been proven by some free diamond hunters regarding the 100% working trick results. For that, here we will also share a special Free Fire Redeem Code for those of you who are really maniacs with this battle royal game.

Expired Free Fire Redeem Code 2020

But before that you have to what is the redeem code? But as a maniac for this game, you must know it. Ok for that, if you use several redeem codes, make sure you have a VPN apk installed on Android because the latest free fire redeem code that will be shared can only be used via VPN. The problem is that the redeem code is still illegal in several countries, including Indonesia.

So to outsmart it, you have to access countries that have legalized the redeem master code, ma4kix, ffwc and others such as Thailand, Africa, for example. And with this VPN apk you can do just that.

Curious to try the latest 2019 FF redeem code to be able to get diamonds and various free items at Garena Free Fire? Make sure you have prepared the combat equipment and here is a list of the latest FF redeem codes that you can try to use.

  • DAYO FDEA D111
  • FB49 5MLI KESP

Latest FF July 2020 Redeem Code

There are several redeem codes for the latest May 2020 ff that you can use, and the redeem codes below you can exchange for attractive rewards or prizes in the Free Fire game or you can exchange them directly on the official website, namely reward.ff.garena.com/id.

  • 9RC244PI8LA6
  • 9RC24XMSFYT8
  • 9RC247UMWYP3
  • 9RC24U63KFW9
  • 9RC244OB2ANN
  • 9RC24Y3GLG0Q
  • 9RC24L51X973
  • 9RC245JPPGI1
  • 9RC24RL8M19F

Note: For the free fire redeem code that has not been used in the list above, if it doesn’t work because many have used it, we will update it again, because usually almost every May, June, July, August, September to December there is always a change in the redeem code.

The opportunity to get random gifts from the free free fire redeem code listed above is also wide open for those of you who are lucky. So it’s not only potential to get free diamonds and interesting items, yes.
But we need to remind you again that this FF redeem code is still illegal so it could be that the row of codes you are trying to redeem doesn’t work or even vice versa.

How to Get Free Fire Redeem Code

To get the redeem ff code that can still be used, we will share it here, and the tutorial is very easy, of course you can also my friends, survivors. Ok, let’s just see!

1. Follow the Garena Free Fire Official Fanspage

How to Get the Latest FF Redeem Code - 33 Newest Free Fire FF Redeem Codes for July 2020 That Haven't Been Used
Garena Free Fire Facebook Fanpage

So so that you can redeem codes that have not been used at all, that is, just follow the official Fanspage from the official Garena game FF. Because usually in FP, it’s always a free free fire account and also a redeem code which you can later exchange for attractive prizes.

2. Subscribe to Garena FF Indonesia Youtube Channel

How to Get Free Fire Redeem Codes - 33 Newest Free Fire FF Redeem Codes July 2020 That Haven't Been Used
Garena Free Fire Indonesia’s Official Youtube Channel

Not only the Facebook FP for game developers pleases its users, but also the developers have distributed redeem codes via youtube. And the youtube name is Free Fire Garena Indonesia, please, if you want the latest ff redeem code, just subscribe to the channel. Apart from that, you need to know that on the official Free Fire channel, it is not only giving out diamonds, but there is important information about events, the latest items and so on which God willing, will be useful.

How to Exchange Free Fire Redeem Code

To redeem the free fire code, it’s really easy, my friend, so all you need to prepare is an active ff code. After it is available, you can immediately exchange it for an attractive reward.

  1. First, you open any browser on your smartphone or computer
  2. Then please type the keyword reward free fire Garena or just go with the sentence reward.ff.garena.com
  3. Then please log in using your FF account, there are the first two options FB and VK
  4. If you have successfully entered, all you have to do is fill in the available fields
  5. If all you have left is to see there is a successful notification that the free fire code has been redeemed or exchanged for a reward
  6. Done.

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With the tutorial above, hopefully it can be useful and how to get free fire redeem code We will also update if there is a new method. Good luck and good luck. Dukmen.com

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