4 Ways to Check Shopee Standard Express Receipts, Overseas China

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For those of you who like to shop online through e-commerce, you can find out the status of your package, whether it is still packaged or already in the shipping process. The method is very easy, you only need to check the standard express receipt only.

One of the most widely used package delivery services is Standard Express, which is provided by e-commerce for regular package delivery. If you still don’t understand how to check receipts, the explanation below can help you.

Standard Express Delivery Service

What is Standard Express? For those of you who don’t know, Standard Express is one of the goods delivery services provided by e-commerce such as Shopee or Lazada to send packages regularly.

Generally, the use of Standard Express is used to make deliveries from abroad such as China. The process of purchasing products or goods from China is not much different from purchasing goods from local products.

Standard Express delivery services serve the delivery of goods to various countries on various continents, one of which is Indonesia. Interestingly, their estimated delivery of goods is quite fast, only about 2 to 3 weeks.

However, the length of delivery time also depends on how quickly the store packs and ships the goods. If the store takes a long time to deliver goods, it will definitely take longer for the goods to arrive.

The advantage of the Standard Express service from other shipping services originating from China is that the status and location of the package sent is easy for you to track its whereabouts and check the receipt number. In fact, you can check Standard Express receipts through the customs website.

Besides going through the customs site, there is also an Indonesian-language site that can check the Standard Express delivery receipt number, namely the cekreasi.com site.

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What is Standard Express Delivery Service?

Standard Express is a logistics company from China. The company is engaged in service delivery of purchase packages both from within the country and abroad. The existence of Standard Express is further strengthened through collaboration with e-commerce.

The way this shipping expedition works is quite different from other shipping services. Because the shipment is from abroad, so after the goods arrive in Indonesia, the goods will be directed first to the marketplace, then after that they will be delivered via a different expedition.

How to Check Standard Express Receipts

After you know the Standard Express service, you may still feel confused about how to check an accurate Standard Express receipt. Many people experience problems when they want to check receipts at this service. However, you can try the following ways.

1. Check Standard Express Receipts via JNE

Check Standard Express Receipts via JNE

JNE is one of several well-known expedition services in Indonesia. Apparently, JNE can also help check your package receipt number. The method is quite easy, only with the Shopee account you have.

Later, in your Shopee account there will be a receipt number and tracking of packages to JNE can be done to find out the status of package delivery. Copy the receipt you get and you can open the receipt check website according to the selected expedition.

2. Check Overseas Standard Express Receipts via the Customs Website

How to Check Standard Express Receipts

Because the goods sent are from abroad, for example, if you shop in China or Korea, you can check the Standard Express receipt through the official customs website. The method,

  1. First, you need to open your flagship browser first.
  2. Then visit the official customs website.
  3. After that, enter the AWB number, receipt or item to find out the position of your package that has been sent.
  4. Make sure to check it thoroughly, because the package may not have arrived due to problems.
  5. Fill in Keycode > Finally click submit.

3. Check Standard Express Receipts at Shopee

Another way you can check the status of the item is to use the Standard Express receipt from the marketplace. The most important thing to do is that you must have a marketplace account first.

After that, go to the order menu, and there will be an explanation of the location, status, and receipt number of the goods. Then, checking the package position can be done more easily. If you are a Shopee user, the following is an example of how to check the correct standard express receipt.

  • Open the Shopee app.
  • Click my menu > Select send icon.
  • Click on the My delivery status section.
  • Then select the track option.
  • Done, and delivery details you can see there.

4. Website Check Receipt

Another way to check receipts is to use a special website to check receipts. Now, there are various types of websites available to check receipts, one of which is www.cekreasi.com.

How to check it is no different from the others, you just need to find a website that can provide the desired tracking results, then enter the receipt number and the position of the item you can know.

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Standard Express Shipping Terms

After trying some of the ways above and chances are you have succeeded, maybe there are some shipping details there that you don’t understand. Therefore, to increase knowledge, learn some standard express shipping terms below.

Term Explanation
No AWB, receipt or goods Is the identity number for goods sent from the marketplace.
informer Is an expedition whose job is to deliver goods that are out of inspection by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise.
Sender Is a party that sends goods both from abroad, as well as the sender from Indonesia itself.
Receiver The buyer receives the item.
Login Task It is a fee cut that has been agreed by the government for goods that enter from abroad.
Code Billing Is a unique code that is given by the Customs after you complete several payments such as Can Enter, Income Tax, and also Value Added Tax.
PPN Is a Value Added Tax imposed on transactions for consumption of domestic goods and services by taxpayers.
PPh Is a tax imposed on the income of individuals, companies or other legal entities.
History Status Is a record of delivery of goods after arriving in Indonesia.
100 Is a code for goods that have arrived in Indonesia. And now it’s being checked.
201 Is a code for goods whose data has been checked after the goods are received by Customs and are ready to proceed to the next process.
202 Is a system validation process.
203 Is the system validation process is complete.
401 Is the process of goods that have been determined by SPPBMCP both for processing import duties and taxes.
405 Is the process of paying import duties and taxes has been completed, and the goods are ready to be delivered by local shipping services.

How Long Does Standard Express Delivery Take?

Estimated delivery times from Standard Express are very relative and it cannot be said for certain how long it will take. However, it generally ranges from 2 to 4 days for package delivery from within the city. It could be faster or it could be slower than estimated.

For deliveries from out of town, the estimated delivery time is around 2 to 7 days. As for shipments from abroad, the fastest estimated delivery of goods will be 2 to 3 weeks. For the longest estimate between 4 to 6 weeks from the day of ordering the goods.

The estimated time is all processes that will be handled by the seller, the warehouse where the import is, the stage of packaging the goods, until the stage of sending the goods to the buyer’s location.

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Causes of Untraceable Standard Express Receipts

If you have checked your receipt but did not succeed in finding out the position of your goods or not being tracked, there are several factors that make the existence of the goods untracked, including:

1. Delivery Period

Many people complain without checking the time of delivery of goods. Items can only be tracked when they are out of the building. Goods that have not been released cannot be traced.

So make sure if the goods are really ready and stated in the packing and do another check after the goods are sent by the store.

2. Incorrect receipt number

The most important thing that you must pay attention to before tracking the position of the goods is to make sure that the receipt number you enter is correct. The wrong tracking number can make your goods untraceable.

It could be that the receipt number entered is incorrect, lacking, or more than one digit, causing the product sent cannot be tracked by Standard Express.

3. Third Party

Standard Express services have close cooperation and working relationships with several marketplaces in Indonesia. So, there are times when the problem in checking receipts is in the marketplace.

It could be that the marketplace is experiencing a server error, the system is down, and other obstacles that make checking receipt numbers also fail.

4. Checking at the right time

You must check receipts at the right time. As previously explained, the server may be experiencing problems in the form of a system down or error.

So, choose the right time to check the position of the goods. You can try to check again and again. This can support the smoothness of the system in checking receipts.

Please note that Standard Express receipt checks can only be done after you get a receipt number. So, if you have problems checking the receipt number and can’t track the whereabouts of the goods, make sure there are several things that might be an obstacle.

The quality of Standard Express’s services itself cannot be said to be bad because the obstacles in checking can come from various factors, so that checking the receipt number fails and the goods are not tracked by the system.

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