4 Ways to View Yourself & Others’ Facebook Emails

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It’s actually easy how to view Facebook emails, both your own and someone else’s. As we know, email is one of the important elements in using Facebook.

The reason is, when you create a Facebook account for the first time, you will be asked for an email address along with a phone number that will be used to log in.

It will be a problem if the registered email address or phone number is forgotten.

However, here Reasonable will only explain how to find out your own Facebook email and that of others.

How to find out other people’s Facebook emails on profiles

Here’s how to find out someone else’s facebook email through their profile:

  1. Look for the account of the other person you want to find out the email address for.
  2. You go to the Facebook profile page of the other person you want to know the email address for. Then click “About/ About“On the profile page.
  3. Later you will be in several menu options when opening About. From the available menu, you select Contacts and basic info.
  4. Then it will display the contact information of the Facebook account, one of which is his email address.how to see someone else's fb email on a cellphone

How to Find Out Forgotten Facebook Emails

Although we often use Facebook, not infrequently Facebook owners also hide their email addresses on their Facebook accounts and profiles.

So we can not see the email address.

If you want to know, then the first automatic method won’t work for you.

Then you can try how to view Facebook emails by using the Forgot Password or Forgotten account?

Here’s how to find out a forgotten Facebook email, including:

  1. The first step is to return to the Facebook account profile page where you want to know the email address.
  2. Because the person in question will usually hide the email address on their profile.
  3. So you have to first copy the username in his Facebook profile url linkHow to find out other people's Facebook emails on profiles
  4. You log out or log out of your Facebook account, then you go to the “Forgotten account?” which is on the upper right side (at the bottom of the password column)How to Find Out Forgotten Facebook Emails
  5. Then you enter the username of the Facebook account that you copied earlier, then click Search.how to find someone else's fb email via android
  6. Then the email address of the person you are going to will automatically appear.how to see fb email on cellphone

How to Find Your Own Facebook Email Through Settings

1. Facebook PC Settings

  • Go to settingsSettings
  • And select general, it will automatically see your emailHow to Check Facebook Email Through Settings

2. HP Facebook Settings

Here we will use the Facebook Lite application, here are the steps:

Also watch the video guide:

How to see a friend’s Facebook email that hasn’t included an email address

If you’re friends with someone on Facebook and don’t include an email address, you can ask them to give you one.

In the Contact Information section, click Request Email (friend).

How to see other people's email

Later, your friend will get a message from Facebook stating that you want to request an email address.

While this option doesn’t give you the opportunity to type a message, it should be enough to let you know that you want a friend to send you an email address.

So, if you are still confused about seeing other people’s Facebook emails, just let me know via the comments below.

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