6 Ways to Check Samsung Cellphone Type With Code (Quick and Easy)

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In this digital age, mobile phones have become a basic need for every individual.

From time to time, smartphones continue to appear with the latest types and technologies.

There are various brands, types, features and different price ranges. One of the most popular brands in Indonesia is Samsung.

Samsung is an electronic monster based in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea.

As the largest electronics company, Samsung has successfully launched a variety of quality electronic devices.

However, the increasing number of types of smartphones available, makes most people feel confused when asked what type of smartphone they have.

Even though it seems normal, knowing the type of Samsung’s own cellphone is actually quite important.

The reason is, by knowing the type of smartphone, you can distinguish various features from the same brand.

In addition, when you decide to sell a smartphone, of course you have to know in advance what type of cellphone you are going to sell.

How to Check Samsung HP Type

So how to check the type of Samsung cellphone easily and quickly? Check out the following tips!

Check the Type in the Samsung HP Box

The first way to check what type of Samsung cellphone is through the HP box when you buy it.

So Samsung cellphones are usually white and contain several descriptions of the cellphone including the brand, the amount of RAM capacity, ROM and also the type of cellphone.

Check the Type on the Samsung HP Body

Maybe how to check the type of Samsung cellphone through the box will take a long time if you are out of the house.

Well, you can try the second way, namely through the HP body.

Usually, smartphones with the Android operating system will have a special sticker on the back of the body or behind the battery.

The sticker contains information about the model of your Samsung cellphone.

If what is listed is a code, then you only need to do a search with that code.

Check Samsung HP Type Through Settings on HP

The next way to check the type of HP is through the settings menu.

Maybe there are still many who don’t know this method and only think that the settings menu is for setting the HP configuration.

In fact, you can also use the settings menu on your cellphone to find out what type of cellphone you have and various other complete information.

Then what are the steps that must be taken?

  • First, open the menu Arrangement on HP.
  • After that scroll and select menu About the phone.
How to Check Samsung HP Type


  • Well, after that you will see some information about cellphones such as Phone number, Model number, Serial number etc.
check samsung phone type in settings

Apart from going through the Settings menu, you can also see the type of cellphone by trying to send any file via bluetooth.

How come? Because, Samsung’s cellphone is in a state of default will use the device type as the name of the Bluetooth. For example the Samsung Galaxy J1.

Check Samsung HP Type Through Secret Code

Of course you’ve used a secret code to check credit or something, right?

In addition to the code to check the remaining credit and check the phone number, it turns out that every smartphone brand also has a secret code to check the type of cellphone you know!

The secret code to see the type of Samsung cellphone is *1234# and the steps are:

  • Open the app Keyboard on your phone.
  • Enter the secret code to check the Samsung type i.e. *1234# then tap calling or calling.
check samsung mobile type with code
  • Wait a few moments and information will appear in the form of a type code, remember the code or copy it to the clipboard.
check samsung cell type via code
  • If so, it’s time for you to enter a search engine, such as a browser.
  • Enter the type code you just found in the search box and click look for.
check the type of samsung cellphone via secret code
  • Now you only need to see the search results of the code which will show what type of cellphone you have.
check the type of samsung cellphone via an accurate secret code


IMEI is a smartphone identity number that has a myriad of benefits.

Even when you lose your smartphone, this IMEI number can be used to carry out the tracking process and apply for blocking to the provider so that the cellphone cannot connect to the network.

In addition to this function, you can also use the IMEI number to find out the type of your Samsung cellphone. Then how?

  • First you need to know what the IMEI number of the Samsung cellphone is. You can check it through the HP box, code *#06# or the back sticker of the HP body.
  • If you already know the Samsung IMEI number, then visit the official IMEI website at imei.info. Then enter the code in the column provided and click Check.
  • Wait a few moments until information appears containing the model or type and brand of the cellphone.

Via CPU – Z

In addition to the tips described above, then you can also use additional applications or software to find out the type of Samsung cellphone.

The application is called CPU – Z which is an application that checks cellphone specifications clearly, completely and in detail.

  • First, you need to download and install the CPU-Z app on the Google Play Store.
  • After that open and run the CPU – Z application and select the tab Device.
  • Through this menu, you will find the type of Samsung cellphone that is currently in use.

Knowing the type of smartphone is actually quite easy and can be done in several ways.

You just need to choose which method is most appropriate to use. The easiest way to check the type of Samsung cellphone is through a sticker located on the back of the smartphone body. But if the sticker is gone, you can switch to another method.

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