8 Tips That Make Moving Together So Much Smoother
8 Tips That Make Moving Together So Much Smoother

8 Tips That Make Moving Together So Much Smoother

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All it takes is to look at the latest statistics by the US Census Bureau to see that although marriage itself is starting to become a thing of the past; cohabitation is not.

More than half of the country’s 60 million multi-dwelling households are made up of people who are not married but living together.

The latter situation is somewhat unique in history (at least the numbers are slim), so there may be new things to consider when you’re planning to move in with your partner.

Let’s go over some useful tips one by one, in no particular order.

1. Get Ready to Clean the Big House

With this, we’re not talking about traditional clean any more. Since you’re starting a new life with someone else, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to throw some (or more) stuff.

As a result, you may need to take the time to gather at each other’s current domiciles and compile a “sell, donate, keep” list.

Give yourself plenty of time to do this, to avoid rushing last-minute sales of sentimental items.

2. Move Efficiently For Two

Basically, you should really consider using the same moving company for both of you. Obviously, you will save time and money on this; and coordination problems that can arise with two separate companies.

Let the moving van stop twice; or alternatively, ask the same moving company to move your items to the same place at different times.

3. Package Valuable Properties Separately And Safely

Depending on what you have, you may want to consider buying insurance. However, some things are irreplaceable (like family heirlooms and sentimental items), so the safest thing to do is to know where they are stored at all times.

In fact, you’ll have to move this yourself; Store any jewelry in sturdy containers made for that purpose. Otherwise, it would be easy for the movers to “misplace” such things.

If you have a very trustworthy friend or family member, you can also ask them to temporarily store your valuables for you.

4. Is Moving Together The Right Thing To Do?

Frankly, a lot of people make hasty decisions to move in together. Often times, you may let feelings of love and closeness dictate the pace before you have a chance to actually talk about your hopes and desires at length.

Usually, this is also a matter of financial comfort, which can cause problems later on.

The point is, you both need to talk about and understand the real reason you moved in together.

Convenience eventually runs its course when the lease expires, so there has to be a more compelling reason to stay together. A healthy dose of financial and emotional reasons tends to work best.

5. Test the water first

If this is possible, do a cohabitation trial before you make a commitment. This means that one of you will have to open up your space to the other for a few weeks or months, while keeping your place to yourself – it’s not about saving money; it’s about ensuring compatibility.

This way, you can get a feel for your partner’s habits. It will also gauge how well you initiate and end disputes, and whether one person has a tendency to run away rather than solve problems.

6. Make Decisions Like a Business: Get a Formal Residence

Some couples plan a breakup from the start; thus, you should approach signing the lease logically. The reason you both want to establish a formal residence is so that neither one is dependent on the other (financially) in the event of the dissolution of the partnership.

There are too many breakup cases where one person holds the bag in the attic. This starts with ensuring that both names are on lease; even better, have a monthly lease instead of an annual one – even if the first one is just between the two of you.

7. Talk About Housework

We know how this works traditionally; but we no longer live in traditional times. It is always better to talk about task allocation in advance so that there are no surprises and immediate problems with the dish being left out.

Since the two of you most likely work, it’s fair to split the house cleaning duties.

Communication is the only way to make this process go smoothly; there may be certain tasks that you or your partner enjoy, and it is best to allocate them accordingly.

8. Clearing Out Process

While most of you will have your hands full to clean up your own space, there are ways to build a stronger bond by helping each other out.

You could go to his house, for example, and help get rid of the food – most moving companies, both local and long-distance, will not transport food items. Your options are to eat them, donate unopened but perishable items, or just throw them away.

If you have some good stuff that breaks easily, now is a great time to throw a small party or get-together with friends and family to help you eat it.

Moving together is a big deal, and I hope the tips in this article help facilitate the process. Good luck in your new life together!

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