9+ Best & Most Popular Android Games For You To Play
9+ Best & Most Popular Android Games For You To Play

9+ Best & Most Popular Android Games For You To Play

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In recent years, many of the best Android games that can be played have emerged. This is due to the rapid development of technology.

Many big developers have started developing games that can be applied to smartphones.

Some of these game developers focus on Android-type smart phones based on the number of Android users.

There are various types of games ranging from MOBA, first person shooter (FPS), to adventure. All these games are developed to improve the user experience in using Android.

Here are 10 recommended Android games, which are summarized from various types of games on Android that you can play anytime.

10 Best Android Games Popular

1. PUBG Mobile

best and best selling android game

The first recommended FPS game is PUBG Mobile. Initially the game was released on the PC version.

After getting a high enough interest from PUBG PC users, this game was released on the mobile version. PUBG Mobile uses the concept of a battle royale game.

You will be dropped in a region along with 100 other players and kill each other to become the remaining players in the game.

You have to look for various types of weapons that can be used as well as survive by hiding or killing opponents and become number 1.

2. Fortnite

best android game of all time

The second FPS game that is recommended is Fortnite. This game is very popular in 2018 and 2019 due to the unique game concept with 2 modes, namely Save the World and Battle Royale.

In the Save the World concept, you will fight zombies with an interesting storyline.

The concept of Battle Royale in Fortnite is not much different from other battle royale games. The distinguishing feature of the game Fortnite is that players have to build buildings as shelters from enemy attacks.

Buildings are built based on the resources that players get by destroying certain items.

3. Free Fire: Battlefield

best android game of all time

Third recommendation for FPS games and best android multiplayer games is Free Fire: Battlegrounds which has a battle royale concept.

Unlike the previous two FPS games, Free Fire has fewer players in one game, which is 50 people, so the map used becomes narrower and more tense.

The duration of each game is shorter when compared to some other FPS games, so for those of you who are busy, you can try playing this Android game.

Another advantage of this game is that there are no bugs or lags while in the game, thus increasing your playing comfort.

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4. Call of Duty Mobile

best android game of all time

In 2019, Tencent released one of the best FPS games, namely the mobile version of Call of Duty.

As one of the best FPS games, Call of Duty still maintains the characteristics of very fast shooting with the Aim Down Sight (ADS) mode where every bullet hits the enemy.

As one of the games that carries the FPS theme, the Mobile version of Call of Duty has several versions of battles in ranked mode.

At the lowest rank, the only feature that can be used is Deathmatch. Along with the increase in rank, the modes that you can get more diverse are deathmatch, domination, battle royale, even Search and Destroy.

5. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

best and best selling android game

The best Android MOBA games currently popular in Indonesia is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This game has similarities with DOTA but can be played on the mobile version.

There are several game features that you can try starting from classic series battles, rank, brawl, custom, AI Mode, and Arcade.

In addition, there are also many heroes that can be used along with selected items that are tailored to the passive abilities of the hero.

The types of heroes that can be used start from fighter, mage, marksman, support, and tank. Playing this game is quite easy by tapping on some of the icons that appear on your screen.

6. Garena Arena of Valor

best android game of all time

One of the MOBA games that is a competitor to MLBB is Garena Arena of Valor. Release game Garena it has similar features ranging from 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3, to 5 vs 5 wars.

The popular game Garena Arena of Valor is 5 vs 5 with 3 different lanes of different lengths.

Winning the Garena Arena of Valor game requires strategy, especially in the use of items, heroes, arcana, and talents.

In addition, you also have to strategize how to fight enemy heroes so that they die easily so that it gives you and your team an advantage to have a chance to win the match.

7. Rise of the Kingdom

best and best selling android game

One of best Android strategy game a must try is Rise of Kingdom. This game is a Real Time Strategy type by spending a lot of time on this game.

You must build a civilization that can defeat other civilizations.

Although this game takes time in the development process, this game makes it easy for players with the Free to Play Player feature by using boost time items that can instantly shorten the process of building resources.

best android game of all time

Game adventure best android one of them is eFootball PES 2020. This game has two types, namely normal match type and manager mode.

In normal type games, you will be presented with matches, both friendly and league matches that you want to participate in.

In manager mode, you will learn to be a manager who can develop an ordinary player to become extraordinary and build a team from the ground up to become a top class.

This game is suitable for those of you who like soccer.

9. Asphalt 9 Legend

best android game of all time

The racing games that you usually enjoy on PC can now be experienced on mobile on Asphalt 9 Legends.

In this game, you will try to become a racer who is respected by various circles. You can make modifications to the car you have by adjusting some of its components.

Using this game is quite easy, namely by tapping on some of the features provided. The missions that you run in this game will take you to increasingly difficult and challenging levels of the match.

The higher the level, the more your skills will be tested to become the number one racer.

10. Afterlife

best and best selling android game

One of the best survival games that you must try is Life After. This game will take you to a world filled with mutants and zombies.

You have to create a character that must survive by completing several missions that have been determined in this game.

In this game, you can also build various types of furniture and support items to increase your chances of survival.

To play this game, you must develop a strategy to always maintain the stamina and energy of the characters that have been created so that they can complete all missions and win the match.


All the best Android games above do require the ability to play strategy. But you can try each of these games by downloading them on the playstore. You can play with friends to increase the fun.

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