A video of the area in Rohtak submerged in the viral rain claimed to be Delhi.

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A viral video shows the market area filled with water up to the waist, with a girl walking past and several men pushing a Scorpio car past. The city is wrongly claimed to be Delhi.


Anuj Kumar Bajpai, a Zee Hindustan journalist tweeted –

How beautiful Delhi is, how beautiful the streets are, the arrangement here is amazing, the government here is amazing

Translation“How beautiful is Delhi, How beautiful is the way. The government deserves thumbs up, the government is extraordinary”


This is a sarcastic tweet blaming the Delhi government for poor administration.



The video is from Rohtak, Haryana, not Delhi.

We found a lot of replies to Anuj Bajpai’s tweet telling him this is Huda Kompleks ComplexIt was Rohtak who gave us instructions to start looking further.

We watched the video closely at a quarter of its original speed and paid attention to shop names/banners etc.

1. The Huda Complex area does have an overpass as seen in the viral video

2. We saw two shops on opposite sides of the fly over whichChopra Electric and Standard “Standard Digital Color Lab and Studio”

3. The registration number of the Scorpio car pushed through the water starts with “H” i.e. it may be Haryana but not Delhi.

4. We talked to some of the shop owners in the video and they are all confirmed our observations abovefrom the color of their shop signage to the name of the shop opposite/nearby when asked to name.

5. This video was uploaded on YouTube and other platforms yesterday claiming to be Huda Complex, Rohtak

YouTube Shorts

Source of the three screenshots above


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