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Adi Putra puts a high ‘dowry’ for the benefit of industry activists

There is a reason why Adi Putra charges a high ‘dowry’ for every appearance on the big screen and not just for himself.

On the other hand, said the famous actor, also for the benefit of the film crew as a whole.

According to the Singapore-born actor, he set a price so that it could indirectly benefit the industry, especially in increasing the salary level of veteran artists and crews.

“I always (price) expensive. It’s okay, I charge a high payout rate because I think that kind of value is not just for myself.

“We are ready to understand what the payment rates for artists and artists and production crews are like. So why not increase the ‘dowry’?” he explained.

The owner, whose full name is Moham’ed Hadi Putera Halim, said that it is not wrong if an experienced actor pays dearly for an appearance.

“I’ve been involved in controversy because I was mentioned as an actor who demanded (high payment rates). But personally, the request was important.

“We need to demand payment because we know what we want. If we are busy pulling the strings, there is no demand, it means we are still floating in the ocean (not knowing the quality of our own acting).

“We are expensive because we are given commitments, we work hard day and night. Especially for actors who have worked for a long time, there is added value. Expensive is not a stigma,” he said.

Laughing witness to spontaneous action

This was revealed by Adi Putra when met at a preview of his latest film, Jerangkung Dalam Almari, in Petaling Jaya last night.

The film, directed by Shadan Hashim, tells the story of three brothers who let the devil run rampant in their chests until they hold grudges and prejudices against each other.

Apart from Adi Putra, this film also stars Sophia Albarakbah, Hasnul Rahmat, Wa’n Hanafi Su, Anne Abdullah, Ishak Iman, Zaidi Omar, Amerul Affendi and Fazlina Ahmad Daud. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on August 4.

For the record, Adi Putra, 41, had previously been hit by controversy for setting high tariffs. However, the KL Gangster actor admitted that he was offended by accusations of selfishness, but admitted that he only wanted to help people who had difficulty using his salary.

Commenting on Jerangkung Dal’am Almari, Adi Putra said that although the film is a horror genre, there are some funny scenes resulting from his spontaneous acting with Hasnul.

According to him, when he watched the film during the preview session, he did not expect his spontaneous acting to produce unexpected results.

“There are mixed feelings in the stomach because we think watching horror films is scary. The scene with Hasnul did happen spontaneously.

“And the director ‘buys’ after we ‘sells’ it. We also laughed to ourselves when we saw the action in the big brother’s round being possessed.

“We should try to calm the situation down, but it could also be random fights,” he joked.

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