Already Registered PSE Kominfo, Warganet Shouts PayPal Can’t Be Accessed

Posted on, Jakarta – Warganet this morning was busy commenting on Twitter. The reason is that many complain that the PayPal application cannot be accessed, so that it appears from netizens that PayPal has also been blocked by Kominfo.

The PayPal digital payment application on Saturday (30/7/2022), became the talk of netizens. Based on team monitoring Phone on the site, PayPal’s keyword was ranked third with 88 thousand tweets from citizens.

PayPal Trending Topics

It turned out that after investigating the cause of PayPal viral, because many netizens complained that the application could not be accessed. For example, comments from netizens with the @NanaChann_ account who suspect that PayPal has been blocked by Kominfo.

“Dear @kemkominfo why is PayPal also blocked? We are freelancers who can only get paid through PayPal. Why are you shutting down our livelihoods,” he tweeted.

Twitter Netizens Comments

The same remark was also made by the account @cyutieegurll, who regretted why the payment application was blocked. Because many people who make a living and their income is sent using this application made by Elon Musk.

“PayPal is blocked for what? some children are now looking for money and continue to pay via PayPal,” he said.

Twitter Netizens Comments

Finally, there is also a comment from @faesalrizal. This account asks why PayPlay has been blocked by Kominfo, even though many freelancers or freelancers are paid using the application.

“This means @kemkominfo What is it? Paypal is used by many freelance professionals as a tool to receive payments. Why are you just being blocked at will?” he asked.

PayPal Netizens Comment

Telset Team tried to open PayPal, and it was true that the application could not be accessed.


PayPal Already Registered with PSE Kominfo

For your information, PayPal was originally included in the list of 10 PSEs that were threatened with being blocked by Kominfo because they had not registered for PSE after July 20, 2022, or when the blocking regulations were implemented.

However, based on monitoring from the site, PayPal has registered its service as a Foreign PSE. The application from the United States was registered on July 29, 2022 yesterday.

PayPal Bing Battle.Net PSE Kominfo


Not only PayPal, last Friday there were several services that were also registered, such as Microsoft Bing and We contacted the spokesperson for Kominfo, Dedy Permadi to ask for a response, but as of this writing, there has been no response. [NM/IF]

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