Amazon 2022’s Best Camping Gear
Amazon 2022’s Best Camping Gear

Amazon 2022’s Best Camping Gear

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Whether visiting the Mars-like terrain of Utah or the beaches of Delaware, there are few things as restorative as time spent outdoors—and off the grid. When we are outside, it gives us the opportunity to reconnect with nature and ourselves, while instilling a sense of awe in our beautiful world. I may be old school, but I think you left behind by using a fancy camper vehicle (basically, an apartment on wheels), so I like to go good old fashioned tent camping. Camping gear has come a long way in comfort and convenience—there’s an endless supply of affordable options. Check out some of our favorite camping finds on Amazon below.

The worst thing about tent camping used to be sleeping on the ground—but those days are over: fill the bed tent. They open up for easy installation and disassembly, while still being light enough to carry. Because they’re from the ground, air circulation is better, and if it rains, you won’t be stuck sleeping in a puddle. Even better if it comes with an air bed and a matching sleeping bag! It’s an upgrade worth the investment, and so convenient that you’ll actually get a good night’s rest (and fewer creepy crawlers invading your space).

Baby cot tents are usually available in one or two person sizes. If you already have a larger tent, a stand-alone crib will give you the same restful sleep. Save yourself from back pain and enjoy the hiking trails with full rest. Don’t forget a hammer, like this one with a peg remover, to attach your rain tarp. This is the essential thing that will secure any tent (and one I tend to forget)!

If you have experienced condensation in your tent, you’ll know it can dampen your sleep. The fix is ​​a tent fan to keep your tent breezy instead of stifling and hot. This one is rechargeable, has a light, and charges your phone (!!!). If you’re concerned about light attracting unwanted guests to your tent, this tent and dental bug spray is especially effective at deterring them.

After a good night’s rest, I like to wake up with a cup of hot instant coffee, french press, or tea (that camping after all, not the end of civilization). To heat a drink, or cook a meal in minutes: take this Coleman portable stove with you. It’s fun, easy to use and convenient to use butane fuel. It also comes in larger sizes, depending on how many people you feed. Add the lightweight and compact Stanley camp cook set for preparing grub, or a larger set for the family.

To shower or to the beach, bring a quick-drying, lightweight, microfiber towel – because it dries quickly, won’t get moldy and is ready to be reused quickly. But when you have to wait to shower, these refreshing and biodegradable aloe vera body wipes are the next best thing (also perfect for gyms, airplanes, etc.)!

HyperGo Quick Refreshing Body Wipes

When you’re ready to sit around the campfire, prepare a cedar lighter to set the fire ablaze. Add marshmallows (or maybe some.) adult drink) for instant happiness. Now you have the right gear—enter that PTO request!

Midwest Fireplace Cedar Fire Starter

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