Angry pursuit on the street leads to assault, man thrown in jail
Angry pursuit on the street leads to assault, man thrown in jail

Angry pursuit on the street leads to assault, man thrown in jail

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WEBER COUNTY, Utah — A man has been jailed after a furious street chase that ended in assaulting a 16-year-old driver and a 20-year-old passenger near Washington Terrace on Wednesday night.

The man was identified as 22-year-old Anthony Downs.

According to court documents, a 16-year-old boy was driving east on Riverdale Road at 1900 W. when a group of vehicles left the Burger Bar and started walking beside him. As they approached the traffic light near the I-15, the driver of the gray BMW, following the teenager, challenged him to a race.

The 16-year-old turned down the offer and continued driving. The BMW driver, later identified as Downs, allegedly insisted they race.

As they crossed the Ruby River, he called the teenager’s vehicle “slow” and the teenager again refused to race. The BMW driver began using profanity against the teenager and his 20-year-old passenger, who verbally denied it.

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Three vehicles from the Burger Bar continued to follow the teenager, trying to get him inside. The teenager told police that pursuit forced him to jump some sidewalks all the way to 464 W. and 4725 South on Washington Terrace, where he was allegedly blocked. stranger page.

According to the teenager, six men got out of the vehicle and one man from a BMW approached the teenager, attacking him and his passengers with closed fists through the open car window. Police said the wound on the teenager’s inner lip was caused by the blow and his braces matched the story.

During the altercation, the BMW driver broke the teen’s truck’s rearview mirror, which Downs later acknowledged.

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The teenager said he was browsing through his snapchat stories, hoping to find the man through acquaintances in a street racing group. He finds a video of a gray BMW doing a burnout, and continues to search for the man tagged in the snapchat video on Facebook.

He showed the profile to the police, identifying Downs as the man who had beaten him. Police said Downs lived on Washington Terrace and had a history of street racing. Officer Ashton Olsen pursued the lead and went to the Downs residence, where he welcomed the deputies inside to talk about the incident.

Downs told officers he was traveling with the teenager, who he did not know, on Riverdale Street. Downs said the teenager used profanity towards him and said he would cause an accident with his truck. According to Downs, that’s when they “chased” the teenager to Washington Terrace where they “exchanged words.”

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Olsen said Downs suggested the confrontation might become physical through the window, but did not elaborate beyond saying his memory was “extinguished.”

At this point of the conversation, Downs was taken out while officers assessed the situation and read her Miranda warning. Downs confirmed his story under Miranda, except instead of admitting to grabbing the teen’s vehicle, he admitted to getting angry and punching the mirror of the teen’s truck.

Downs has injured the knuckles on his right hand, which Olsen says is consistent with both sides’ stories.

According to the probable cause statement, Downs was subsequently detained and faces child abuse charges with injury, assault, criminal mischief and reckless harm.

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