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The open BO application or rather dating that is abused is now getting more and more choices. Not only getting acquainted, users also take advantage of this situation to open BO. Open BO is indeed a part of ordinary users and only makes use of Self promotion.

Open BO is an abbreviation of open booking order, which means that someone’s orders and offers are open. The term open BO is currently commonly used by naughty women or by profession as one of the Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) to find customers.

Android applications in an era like today are all modern, as there are now a lot of variety. Starting from games, chatting, there’s more. For example, chat with each other. There are also some people who want to see or watch live streaming because it is very easy to watch.

There are so many open BO applications to find out where the people around you are. Ironically, not infrequently some of them use this in a negative direction, especially open BO prostitution transactions online or meeting with the opposite sex.

The michat application is now very well known as the Open BO apk or the open BO application. Now a lot of people are using various ways to be able to download it on social media whether it’s cellphones, laptops, computers, and other devices.

Open BO Applications Around Us

Here we will review various rows of open BO applications that are currently viral and are often used by many online prostitutes around us. especially among today’s youth. Check out the full review of the open BO application in the following article.


open bo app around

There are many people who use michat as an open BO 2022 application, no doubt. In fact, it has been downloaded by some people more than 50 million users around the world in this hemisphere. Michat is also famous for its message tree feature and it is very well shaped too.

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Michat PTE design app. This Limited has a “Message in a Bottle” game that lets you send anonymous messages to strangers via a bottle as if they were floating on the ocean. Until then the person who found the bottle could read it easily without being exposed to water or dust.


open bo application around us

The second open BO application is Badoo, a social network based on a multilingual dating agency based in Soho, London, England. This platform operates in 180 countries including Indonesia. This application uses a location system so it is easy to find many people around you.

The interface and very simple make it quite attractive to many other users. You can immediately choose who will be able to attract attention with just a swipe to the right or left. The badoo application is also no less far from the potential for abuse of open BO in this era.


open bo real app

In addition, there is a tinder application as also used for open BO. Usually Tinder has features that are suitable for users and can quickly find people around us, you can also swipe right or left to like someone if you are interested in them. What’s more, it’s free.

Besides being famous as a matchmaking application, Tinder is also often used by prostitutes to attract men. Tinder is also widely used to find partners from nearby locations. For this user, it is more dominant for women and men who are directly single.

Say Hi

open bo kaskus application

Just like Tinder above, Sayhi is actually a chat application that is quite well known among teenagers in particular, but also many open BOs by unscrupulous people. However, it can also detect the presence of users around you wherever they are.

Sayhi can also start a video call find them with the map in this app. Because it comes from this feature, instead of making friends, Sayhi is actually used as a date booking, of course, by many people. For single men and women, this application is very steady to use.

Talking Bee

Beetalk is an open BO application and finds friends around you and offers a variety of other interesting features to communicate with other users, including people near you. In addition to detecting the presence of users, the accuracy rate is almost 90%.

You can also send text, voice, or video messages to friends and partners, because it’s very easy to use, don’t be surprised if there are many cases of online prostitution carried out through bee talk. Especially. This app has a motto for quick and easy dating.


This Tantan uses a swipe and match system and allows two users to start a conversation when they like each other. You can also create stories on your profile or bio. So, it is easy to have many acquaintances from people near and far.

This challenge can see the number of users who like the profile. In addition, you can also choose various hobbies to display in the application. Thus, you can meet new friends with the same hobby. This application is a mass media and is very much in demand by the public.


Contacts is one of the most widely used open BO applications in recent times. The concept is almost the same as with tantan, which is how to find out other people’s profiles and bios, as well as match up with the opposite sex. However, many people also really enjoy it.

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Just scroll or swipe the choice of the friend or partner you want to find, then press like if you are really interested in that person. Although this application is still relatively new, acquaintances already have quite a number of users. But among teenagers and young people today.


Maybe from friends who have never or rarely heard of this one application. Lemo is a live social video chat as it contains several rooms, one of which can accommodate up to 9 people. You can also easily find a partner or date.

Many open BOs also take advantage of this lemo to do cheap open BOs. In addition, lemo is very eye-catching. Can meet face to face with other users who are in the room. You can also chat on various things or meet who the users of this Lemo application are.


Telegram is an application that recently has a lot of enthusiasts to share some adult videos and not a few of its users also create a channel on Telegram as has done the open BO action. In fact, access is very easy nowadays.

Telegram is also used to access several friends near and far. You are also made easier if on youtube, the video cannot be opened, don’t worry, there is still a telegram application that can open the film. Enjoy a variety of cartoon shows and so on.


Then there is wechat, this open BO application has been around for a long time and was very well known by many users in Indonesia. But along with the emergence, now the community is more dominant in using it to find a partner there.

The application is currently known by the nickname open BO and also has many users throughout Indonesia. It’s no wonder that wechat is very popular because basically almost the entire community, generally, among teenagers, downloads the application itself.


Twitter is often familiar among teenagers at this time, many use twitter to view negative and positive photos and videos, just like telegram is no less far away if twitter is used to see things directly and be seen by other users.

It’s not just the imichat application that is being misused to transact online prostitution. Twitter is noted as a place where negative things are more dominant, because the existence of this platform is quite widespread in the community. Even often used to see videos that have a bad impact on you.

Dating app

This open BO application is often used as a place for open BO, the next is Dating apps or online dating, which is a platform that allows users to get friends to chat, partner, or date using this but you can also get acquainted through the chat feature.

But these dating apps are the same as in the previous applications which were misused by individuals to carry out open BO actions. In fact, this platform has many other uses, of course it is very useful for the community, especially single teenagers.

Meet Widows Around Us-Made & Dating

This next application is very rarely encountered in various other mass media of course. Because these applications are rare or even difficult to find. But you can also search and download it on the Playstore or Appstore that you have.

Judging from this application, it may be very suitable for those of you who are looking for a life partner and of course according to your wishes and expectations. This application is very accurate to use directly. However, too many parties always misuse it and only turn to the negative.

Cupi Chat

Teenage users need to increase awareness of the potential for abuse of this application. Because there are so many negative things in it, including open BO in general, if you really want to use various features here, you should be careful.

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Online dating applications are in great demand by teenagers. However, online dating is also a great way to meet new people in the world. But not everything can run smoothly there is also some false information.

Ok cupid

Many people use this open BO application as an account which is basically used for unwanted things. But there are also many people there who provide information, the photo on the display turns out to be fake.

They purposely faked their identity to look better than real life. Lies are also made to try to catch their partner who is having an affair because of this open BO application.


So those are some recommendations for the open BO application, it turns out that it’s not only Michat but there are many more in your Playstore and Appstore. It is not impossible for those who remain stubborn to be banned from the developer. Therefore, make the most of it.

Thus the discussion this time, hopefully it can be very useful for all of you, especially those who are looking for recommendations for open BO applications. Don’t forget to share it on your respective social media so that other open BO application seekers can find this out easily.

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