Azhar Sulaiman’s children’s pants are tight, netizens say they don’t look right

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Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about child actors Azhar Sulaiman It is Love Iris Leona where previously there was a commotion when a woman claimed that the girl had a scandal with her husband.

However, the matter had died down, not to mention the women’s senseless accusations and accusations. In fact, Azhar also decided not to take legal action after considering the woman’s mental health.

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Recently, Leona was back in the spotlight after uploading her dance video on TikTok. Through the video, Leona is seen wearing black pants with a jacket but not as sexy as before.


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However, the average netizen was surprised to see a video claiming that the pants Leona was wearing were too tight, so that someone claimed to show the shape of her nakedness.

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Not a few, some say they don’t know what else to say, especially since many have given warnings before.

As expected, the video that Leona shared was also bombarded with obscene comments, especially from among men.

Meanwhile, there are those who pray that Leona will change slowly and will follow in the footsteps of Neelofa and Izara Aishah one day.

Previously, Azhar expressed his gratitude for being blessed with a daughter like Kasih Iris Leona even though she likes to look sexy. According to Azhar, his son is just sexy and doesn’t do anything else that makes him dizzy.

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