Best Teacher Apps For Android
Best Teacher Apps For Android

Best Teacher Apps For Android

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Hello friends, to be a teacher is hard. Where they have in charge of the education of our children.

They often don’t have all the tools they need to be successful. Plus, with the pandemic, teachers are facing more now than ever before.

Fortunately, technology can help a little. There are apps around now that can make some of the processes a little easier. Some of them help track student grades and things like attendance.

And it also allows you to communicate better with children and parents. Some are just flat educational and fun.

Here are the best teacher apps.

This list is a bit difficult because many schools have programs that provide a lot. So I’m more focused on additional tools. Which may be used by the teacher himself.


First I recommend class123. Where this is a free class management application. And it’s also quite popular. Because it handles a lot of basic stuff, including individual feedback. Record keeping, communication, and organization features.

Class123 also has a time feature, a stopwatch. As well as alarm functions as well as seating charts and even screen sharing. It has a bit of a learning curve. However, most teachers seem to enjoy it once they get used to it.

The developer has apps for parents and students too. All three apps work together for a better learning environment for everyone.


Classdojo is a virtual classroom environment. This allows teachers, students, and parents to interact with each other.

Teachers can use the platform to send alerts to parents. Send feedback to students, and even accept assignments.

And this one is a way to help everyone stay in touch with each other. The best part about this platform is that it’s free for everyone. It’s quite easy to use.

You guys set up the classroom on the platform. From there, ask parents to download the app. Then you are ready to go. This is one of the must try teacher apps.


Edmodo is another virtual classroom app, but this one runs nine yards. Using it, you can create virtual classrooms. A place where students can post and submit assignments.

Collaborate with teachers (and parents can also be included). Track progress, and everyone can upload files, photos and videos. There is also a built-in grades book.

There are also features to help parents, teachers and students communicate better. Like classdojo, and it’s completely free to use. So it is very clearly one of the best teacher apps.

Google Class

Google Classroom is Google’s venture into the virtual classroom. I promise, this is the last one on the list! The big selling point of Google Classroom is that it is free to use.

Schools that use g suite for education (which is also free). Can automatically integrate google classroom into their system. Each student will get their own email, cloud storage, and more.

In addition, the teacher will be able to give assignments to students, accept work from students. Communicate with students and parents, and more. This is one of the must-try teacher apps.

Especially if your school system already uses g suite for education. Plus, you already get access to the google drive suite. With all the various office applications, cloud storage and other features.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office is literally the only office suite. Which can compete with google drive at this level. Just like Google Drive, Microsoft Office consists of a cloud storage service (OneDrive). Along with word, spreadsheet and powerpoint.

What is interesting here are many universities, schools. And the like doesn’t just use microsoft office on pc. but also give it to students at the university level (microsoft office for students).

This helps a consistent experience across all platforms. And offers most of the benefits of google drive. The only downside is that it is software. A heavy one with a complicated pricing structure.

However, if your school pays for it, that’s their problem, not yours. Or, if you pay for it, there’s a teacher discount so it’s not too expensive.

PBS Kids Videos

Pbs kids videos is a free resource from pbs. Where displays more than 1,000 educational videos for children. This includes access to your local pbs station schedule. Learning objectives, and more.

You can also buy shows from google play if needed. This is a great resource. If you want to add some videos to your lesson plans.

Kids always love movie day, right? Mostly free content with new stuff coming out consistently. This is a good way to educate and entertain children for a while.

Remind (formerly Remind101)

The next application is a communication application. Where it is designed for communication purposes. And teachers can schedule reminders to be given to each student and parent.

In addition, it can help you remind students and parents. To sign the field trip permit slip, submit assignments, and other activities and events. You can also contact students or parents directly if needed.

It has support for 70 languages. Remind is also very easy to use. And also a great alternative.

For teachers who want to communicate, but don’t want to commit to a virtual classroom. This is one of the important teacher applications.

Tick ​​Tick

This app is one of the best android apps available, especially for teachers. And it’s also a simple, yet powerful to-do list app. You can schedule all kinds of events and reminders there.

This app provides customizable reminders for upcoming events. Also, it’s useful for shopping lists in case you need stuff. For an art project or something similar.

The free version of the app should work for most people. The pro version is a subscription. It’s not bad, but most teachers shouldn’t need it. This is a great way to stay organized.

YouTube Kids

Youtube kids is very similar to pbs kids videos. Because this is a collection of videos curated especially for kids. You will find educational and entertainment stuff to watch.

When used with pbs kids video. And you guys have plenty of options for your next movie day. It also includes the ability to flag videos that may be considered inappropriate.

That means you can help the platform grow even more. It is completely free to use with some ads. The youtube red subscription also removes ads on youtube kids.

That’s probably all I can tell you. Hopefully this article can help you, my friend.

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