Beware Electricity Bills Or Phone Bills Are The New Trap Scams!

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New cases of cyber crime are often seen. Fraudsters are using new tricks to trick people. With WhatsApp hacks and sometimes fake calls, cybercriminals are trapping people in the trap of paying fake bills.

According to reports, fraudsters tried to engage people by pretending to pay fake bills. In the past, people have provided information about many such cases on social media platforms.

Fraud sends order electricity bill to trap users. It says that if they don’t deposit the bill on time, their connection will be lost.

The goons send fake messages.

Along with this message, he also sent a fake electrician’s number. According to reports, the thugs called themselves employees of the electricity department and then informed customers of their unpaid bills. He often calls people on WhatsApp as soon as someone is ready to pay the electricity bill.

These criminals ask users to transfer money to personal Google Pay (Gpay) accounts. These messages and people are also trying to ensnare some users in their scam by calling them.

Calling even on behalf of the phone bill

Telecommunications departments, including electricity and police, also make people aware to avoid fraud. These thugs try to implicate people in the name of electricity bills and phone bills.

remember these things

There are only a few ways to avoid it. First of all, make yourself and your family aware. Don’t share your OTP with unknown people. If you get such a message, first check the source. Avoid making payments on any personal account. Don’t call or share your contact details with strangers.

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