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Instagram is one of the most popular applications around the world. By using this application you can watch videos, upload videos and even do business. But do you know what the cool IG Aesthetic bio contains?

This then makes IG application users to be able to display an aesthetic IG bio. This is so that other people who visit our profile can see us as a good figure.

In addition, an aesthetic bio also makes our Instagram look cooler and more impressive. Therefore, you must use the right words so that people who read are interested.

If you are confused about how to get ideas for a more creative and interesting bio on your IG. Below we will provide some examples that you can use to make your Bio IG even more aesthetic. Check out the reviews below.

Cool IG Bio in Indonesian

aesthetic ig bio

You can try using funny sentences if you are a humorous person and want to make your IG visitors get a humorous impression. Here are some inspirational funny sentences that you can use as a bio on your Instagram profile.

  • “Youths are the hope of young women”
  • “Learn from the zombies, they never eat their own friends”
  • “Beauty doesn’t always have to be white, the important thing is women”
  • “Don’t be afraid to be ugly as long as Photoshop is still around”
  • “A brave is someone who is not afraid of cockroaches”
  • “Time that exists today cannot be turned around, then licked, and dipped”
  • “If you don’t know where to start, start by pressing the follow button”

In addition to the cute IG aesthetic bio above, there is also a cute bio in English. This will certainly make your IG look much cooler. But make sure you also understand the meaning of this English.

Bio IG Aesthetic English And Its Meaning

bio ig aesthetic english and its meaning

Making Indonesian bios is too common, now is the time for you to try to develop your creativity by making English bios but there is still a humorous side. Below are some options for you to add to your Instagram bio.

  • Error 404, bio not found!” (Error 404, bio not found!).
  • Born at a very young age” (Born when he was very young).
  • Don’t worry if your plan A fails, you still have twenty five letters left in the alphabet” (Don’t worry if plan A fails, you still have 25 letters in the alphabet).
  • I always dreamed of becoming a famous millionaire, just like my uncle. Yes, he’s dreaming too.” (I always had a dream to become a famous millionaire, just like my uncle. Yes, he had the same dream too).
  • “I don’t know what makes you so stupid, but whatever it is, it works really well” (I don’t know what made you so stupid. But either way, it worked).
  • I plan to lose at least 10 pounds a year. It’s only 13 pounds to go(I’m planning to lose 10 pounds this year. Just 13 pounds off).
  • I work only for money. You better hire a dog if you want loyalty(I work only for money. If you need loyalty, just recruit a dog).

Some IG aesthetic bios in English do look much more interesting, but if you think this is still common, we would recommend using local languages. This will certainly be more unique and interesting, you can see the review below.

Javanese IG Bio Words

Javanese bio ig words

Currently the regional language that is popular and often used in memes is Javanese. You can also use your IG bio. Javanese language can enliven your Instagram profile.

  • Do you want me to wait for you, do you think I’m cctv?(You want me to always wait for you, you think I’m CCTV?).
  • If you envy me, I’m the one who relents. I don’t eat” (If you’re jealous (to the left) of me, that’s okay, I’m the one who relents. I’m to the right).
  • I can only dress up, go to the mall, hang out in cafes, and I’m not happy. This is called having too much money(Actually, I could pretend to be cool, go to the mall, hang out in cafes, but I don’t want to. I’m afraid people will think I have too much money).
  • Merdeka is when Soekarno and Hatta line up neatly in their wallets. If the line is only Pattimura, it’s still a struggle, not yet independent”. (Freedom is if Soekarno Hatta has lined up in the wallet neatly. If the line is Pattimura, the sign is still a struggle).
  • If you say that, don’t say it out loud, you will regret your lips until the plane crashes”. (If you talk about it, don’t be too high, sorry for your mouth if you get hit by a plane).
  • You don’t have to think about what strangers say, it’s like a stranger when you talk, just think about it“. (You don’t have to think about what other people say, do other people think when they talk first?).
  • That’s why only when you need it. Do you think I’m a gas station? “(Friends come only when needed. You think I’m just a gas station?).

Make sure you understand the meaning of the Javanese sentence you are using before using the sentence to decorate your IG profile. In addition to funny words, you can also make wise words as Bio on your IG.

Well below we will give examples of good words of wisdom for you to make as an aesthetic IG bio.

Simple And Short Instagram Bio

bio ig turn

There are many wise words that you can use to describe your personality through your Instagram bio. Examples are as follows:

  • True friends are like stars, they are not always visible in the night sky, but you can be sure they are always there.
  • Actually life is very simple, what makes it complicated is the great interpretation.
  • Success is running in my veins.
  • Always open your mind before you start opening your mouth.
  • I’m updating myself.
  • Success is not a place to go, it is a journey to be taken.
  • True friendship is characterized by understanding and being understood.
  • Family is the best place to always share about everything.

You can choose the most interesting bio that describes your life. In addition to Indonesian, we will also provide words of wisdom in English, see the reviews below.

Funny English Instagram Bio

short bio ig

There are several choices of quotes or wise words in English that will make your Instagram profile even better when visited. Make sure you know the meaning or meaning of English before using it as a bio on your Instagram account.

  • It will never be easy, but you should always try to do the right thing(It will never be easy, but you should always try to do things right).
  • Madelyn Teppner said “Happiness depends on ourselves” (Madelyn Teppner said “Happiness depends on ourselves”).
  • Believe that you can do it and you are halfway there” by T. Roosevelt” (“Believe that you can do it and that you are half way there” a quote from T. Roosevelt).
  • S. Lewis one said “No one can go back to change the beginning. But you can start where you are now to change the ending.” (CS Lewis said “no one can go back and change the past, but you can start now to change the ending”).
  • “There is only one person who can make a difference in your life, that is you“. (Only one person can bring change in your life, that person is you).
  • Don’t compromise yourself because you are all you have” by John Grisham”(Don’t compromise yourself because you are the only one you have” said John Grisham.
  • Tyra Banks once said “Never consider dulling your own shine for someone else” (Tyra Banks once said “don’t think about darkening your light for someone else”).

This IG aesthetic bio in English is inspired by many famous figures which of course will make the readers more amazed when they visit your profile.

Bio IG Islami Java language

bio ig turn

In addition to English, there are also many Javanese sentences that have good meanings and are suitable for making your Instagram profile more attractive. Make sure you understand the meaning behind the words that we will recommend below before making a bio on your Instagram profile.

  • If the person is criticized, he must retaliate. And if the blade is fixed, even if it hurts you, maybe you will sit down” (People who have been treated well should also respond with kindness. If they reply to hurt, maybe they are not human).
  • If I look into your eyes, it looks like you want to owe me money(If I look at the look in your eyes, it looks like you are going to borrow money from me).
  • Your life is like a banana tree. Having a heart and not having a heart“(Your life is like a banana tree. You have a heart but no heart).
  • Don’t call me ex, but call me alumni. So you know you can reunite” (Don’t use the term ex for me, just use the term alumni. Who knows we can both reunite).
  • Fortunately, my heart was made by God. It’s like a human’s work that yesterday must have been destroyed“(Fortunately my heart is made by Gusti Allah. If it was man-made, it would have been destroyed since yesterday).
  • He can sing but he can’t sing. You can only see them and you can’t compare them” (Can sing but can’t play the flute. Can only see but can not be side by side).
  • “Coral is just a couple’s name, if it doesn’t match, it will just be a dream” (Yes, the name is also a couple, if it doesn’t fit, it can only be wishful thinking).

The words of wisdom in Javanese above will make your IG profile look wise and aesthetic. Now you just have to adjust it to the theme of the photos that you often upload.

Please choose the IG aesthetic bio in Indonesian, English, or Javanese that you like the most.

The final word

Thus the information that we can provide about the aesthetic IG bio that you can use to decorate your IG profile. You can choose to use the words which you think are the best and describe yourself.

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Hopefully this article is useful for all of you. Let’s support us by leaving suggestions and comments for the good of our website. We would like to express our gratitude.

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