Blame GOP ‘Normal Team’ for Donald Trump’s Political Survival
Blame GOP ‘Normal Team’ for Donald Trump’s Political Survival

Blame GOP ‘Normal Team’ for Donald Trump’s Political Survival

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This week offers a few reminders of something we’ve known for a long time: Donald Trump’s political survival was made possible by the seemingly normal Republican Party.

Let’s start with exiled GOP Representative Liz Cheney’s statement Monday at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI): “There was a moment right after [January] 6 when if [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy once said, ‘This is absolutely unacceptable… We are going to impeach. He should have been punished,’ we would be living in a very different country now,” Cheney said. “But otherwise,” continued Cheney, “Kevin McCarthy decided to go to Mar-a-Lago and welcome Donald Trump back to the party before January was even over.”

Will McCarthy’s quick surrender allow Trump to bounce back? It makes sense. But it wasn’t just McCarthy. His partner in the Senate, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, also blinked at a time when he might have delivered a coup.

“We all know that Trump is crazy,” McConnell said immediately after the January 6 riots at the Capitol (according to an excerpt from the forthcoming book Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Donald Trump’s Failed Impeachment in Congress). “I’m done with him. I will never speak to him again.”

However, McConnell soon saw that his caucus members were rationalizing Trump’s behavior—and their opposition to impeaching him.

After Cheney urged McConnell to publicly support impeachment, McConnell adopted a more passive strategy: “Just ignore him,” he said.

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This inert approach never worked. The idea that ignoring Trump would cause him to leave is reminiscent of the GOP official who, around November 10, famously asked: “What’s the harm in entertaining him for this little time?”

As a writer Unchecked writes, McConnell “never really encouraged his colleagues to punish. Instead, he told them the verdict would be a ‘voice of conscience.’”

It’s certainly reasonable to think that McConnell and McCarthy’s strong and unwavering united front might have made a difference. What’s arguably even more disappointing, however, is that so many members of the so-called Normal Team (the Republicans who actually believe Joe Biden is the lawfully elected President of the United States) continue to allow not only Trump, but very unreliable American ideas. normalized Trump: election refusal.

Take Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, for example. He was elected in 2021 riding on culture war issues like opposition to critical race theory, but he’s basically an established Republican, in the (character-wise) mold of Mitt Romney. So why was it this week that it was reported that she was going to Arizona to campaign against Kari Lake’s election detractor?

As Nick Catoggio notes in The Dispatch, Youngkin’s surrender was particularly demoralizing because “If even Romney’s most stylish newcomer can’t muster neutrality, at least, when asked to choose between an autocrat and a Democrat in Arizona, then the difference between norm and member other parties feel functionally meaningless.”

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And Youngkin wasn’t the only member of Team Normal backing Lake. During the main campaign, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey called Lake a “fake” who “misled voters” by taking “actions”. Then, after he won the Republican nomination, he endorsed it, pushing for a Republic of Arizona columnist to ask if Ducey lied about Lake then or now.

At this point, I’d be surprised to find a prominent Republican who doesn’t support The Big Lie.

It should be noted that Ducey mainly hits Lake from the right. He doesn’t emphasize that he’s an election denier (in fairness, he have done said he was “misleading voters” about it), instead focusing on the fact that he was not a true conservative.

In 2020, Ducey earned our respect by opposing Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn Arizona’s election results. So why would he abdicate his responsibilities in 2022?

We might also direct this question to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who also boldly opposed Trump’s attempts to overthrow his 2020 state election results by pressuring state officials to “seek votes.”

These days, however, The Bulwark’s Amanda Carpenter writes that Kemp stands “shoulder to shoulder with one of the state’s major election deniers. That man was her running mate, Republican running mate Burt Jones.”

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At this point, I would be surprised to find such a prominent Republican who no support supporters of The Big Lie.

To find out the level of depravity plaguing the GOP today, just look at Wednesday, when only nine members of the House of Representatives (including Cheney) voted for the Election Count Act. These common sense reforms are meant to reduce the likelihood that future election overthrow attempts will be successful. As far as I’m concerned, these reforms should have been passed unanimously. Yet 203 Republicans voted “no.”

And it got worse. As Politico noted, most of the nine Republicans who voted for the bill “have either lost the primaries or announced their resignations.” This is really a sad situation. For those of us holding on to the hope that someday normal Republican leaders will reclaim their party, I’m starting to wonder how many there are.

In the book of Genesis, Abraham bargained with God, making Him agree to save the city of Sodom if he could find as little as possible. ten righteous people.

Republicans today can’t live up to that low standard either.

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