BVZ Is The Latest Money Making App 2023
BVZ Is The Latest Money Making App 2023

BVZ Is The Latest Money Making App 2023

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Ges-r.comBVZ Is The Latest Money Making App 2023 It looks like it’s being searched by many netizens. So is this app safe and paid?

Recently, the trend of looking for extra income from a application is popular among netizens. Even some time ago, the trend of making money with tiktok and snack videos was viral and until now there are still those who play it.

Well, for the application that is currently viral, it is the bvz money-making application. So how does this app work? and is this application safe to use? Here’s the explanation.

What is bvz money making app?

The trend of making money through apps is very tempting. – Why not? We can strike a balance in a very simple way, only with human capital and only at the expense of the Internet.

But when choosing this app to earn money, you also need to be careful. The reason is that there are a lot of apps that claim to make money, but are actually doing scams. If so, that’s not good.

Well, the application that is currently being sought is the bvz application which he says he can produce. The bvz application itself is the same as other money-making applications where we have to work on missions to get balance prizes.

The mission in this application itself is a mission to invite friends. Maybe this mission is very familiar and similar to the tiktok application mission. If someone downloads the app using the link you shared, they will be credited.

You can invite many people to make the possibility of cashing out the balance faster. In addition, if you want to get more benefits, you can top up DEP from the company or in the account.

Download and How to Apply BVZ Apk now

Well, before we can use this application, it turns out that we have to register first tomorrow. In addition, this application is also not yet an official application, so we must first access it in the browser.

You can download it and click botulina. You can follow the following guide.

  • Use a browser and click on the appropriate link. https:///
  • You can access most of the data anytime and on any phone.
  • Next, create an account and enter the account password and verify it.
  • If successful, you will be directed to the next page.
  • Set the apk file size of the bvz app, then you can install it on your phone to continue using its APK features. To know how to use the app, you can refer to the explanation below.

How to use the bvz earning money app

Using this application itself is very easy. As mentioned above, for your own use, just like any other money making apps. But for more details, you can follow the steps that will be shared below.

  1. Open and run the BVZ APP
  2. Select the menu on alkine and click log in to watch alkine live.
  3. For new users, here you can also immediately claim a free balance of 87 thousand.
  4. Next, complete the mission by clicking the Invite button. Copy the invite link and share it with your friends.

If someone uses the link to register, they will be given the balance from the BVZ app.
Next, just do the missions and collect the balance until it’s enough to withdraw it to the account.
how easy isn’t it? Of course, you can share multiple links to contacts to collect the prize balance.

How to withdraw from the BVZ app

After successfully withdrawing the balance in this application, how do I withdraw the balance to the account? Here’s how to withdraw money in the bvz app.

  • Log in to the BVZ app.
  • Then click the Withdraw button to make a withdrawal.
  • To make a withdrawal, first enter the account data used as the payment option, such as the account number and name.
  • After that, verify and follow the instructions to complete.
  • Now just make a withdrawal by clicking on the withdrawal button, because the minimum balance that can be withdrawn is 100 thousand rupees.
  • Is this BVZ app safe?
  • Therefore, so far, the bvz application has not been registered as an official application. In addition, being registered with the OJK as a financial supervisor is clearly not registered.

In addition to how it works, allowing users to deposit this is potentially fraudulent. Not to mention the application platform which is still unclear and there is only an invitation option, this is certainly very similar to applications that use the moneygame system.

Here it can be said that this application is actually not safe to use. Meanwhile, another question is whether this app pays properly. So far it’s also unclear if anyone has made a successful withdrawal. Maybe you can try it yourself.

Even so, we do not recommend trying this application. Maybe you can replace it with another paid application that has been proven, such as video snack.

The final word

Well, that’s a little explanation about BVZ Is The Latest Money Making App 2023. Again, this app is still not clear and is not an official app.

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