Car skidded: Grandson dies, grandma breaks his arm
Car skidded: Grandson dies, grandma breaks his arm

Car skidded: Grandson dies, grandma breaks his arm

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The condition of Perodua Kancil’s car which was crushed after slipping in an accident on Jalan Krubong, Melaka.

MELAKA: A student from the National School (SK) Cheng passed away while on her way to her school on Jalan Krubong here, yesterday morning.

In the incident at around 08.15 WIB, the victim, Nurul Qalisha Abdul Rahim, 7 years old, who was fully dressed to go to school, died at the scene due to severe head injuries.

According to the Malaysian Envoy, the Head of JSPT Melaka, Superintendent [email protected] Zaki Omar said the accident occurred when the Perodua Kancil car that the victim was traveling lost control of and skidded.

“The accident occurred while the victim was on her way to school with her 58-year-old grandmother, while her 29-year-old uncle was driving her car.

“Once at the location of the car they were traveling in, they skidded into the opposite lane and were hit by a truck from behind,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He explained that as a result of the accident, the victim suffered serious injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene, while her grandmother’s right arm was broken.

Amran added that the victim’s uncle was not injured.

He said inspection through the car’s front camera recording found that the accident occurred during heavy rain and the road conditions were winding.

“The incident happened when it was raining heavily and the road surface was slippery. The rear collision also resulted in the child being trapped before being released with the help of firefighters.

“The victim’s body was brought to the Forensic Unit of the Melaka Hospital for a post-mortem and the case was investigated in accordance with Article 41 (1) of the 1987 Road Transport Law,” he explained.


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