Claire Hogle’s Wild Video ‘Next Paige Spiranac’ Goes Viral
Claire Hogle’s Wild Video ‘Next Paige Spiranac’ Goes Viral

Claire Hogle’s Wild Video ‘Next Paige Spiranac’ Goes Viral

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Paige Spiranac is the biggest and most prominent golf influencer in the history of the sport.

Understandably, fans have been eager to crown the ‘next Paige Spiranac’ since its appearance, and that’s exactly what they seem to have done with Claire Hogle.

While Hogle’s 777,000 followers pale in comparison to Spiranac’s 3.5 million, his reach at this early point in his career is still impressive.

And because of that huge reach, one of Hogle’s wild videos from last week went viral recently. The clip mostly speaks for itself:

You can see why people make similarities with Spiranac. They post much of the same type of content. Just look at this side by side:

This isn’t the first time Hogle has gone viral in recent weeks. His provocative photos caught his eye not so long ago.

And based on some of Instagram’s recent offerings, it’s safe to assume that she will likely remain in the headlines for years to come:

So did the woman who paved the way for him, Spiranac.

Between his memorable photo with the 2 girls, his passionate party attire and his outspoken reaction to Brooks Koepka’s LIV movement – ​​it has happened one after another with him. He has been in the news non-stop.

Plus, there’s also just he common Instagram posts – which have never had a problem going viral:

The big picture: the sport of golf is in good hands with both.

Spiranac and Hogle will continue to keep it relevant on social media for a long time.

Why did this dynamic duo end up going viral next?

Time will answer.

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