Community and Its Role in the Development of the Esports Industry
Community and Its Role in the Development of the Esports Industry

Community and Its Role in the Development of the Esports Industry

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UniPin Community again held a webinar to educate students and the general public about the ins and outs of the esports industry. This time, the topic that was brought up was “Esports: Development of Ecosystems and Communities”. Conducted online via Zoom, this webinar was held on Wednesday (25/5) with speakers who are directly involved in the related industry.

Present as resource persons were Fransiskus as PUBGM Community Manager and Ahmad “Senz” Syahndy as CEO of RevivaLTV. Both of them will share their views on esports according to their profession and community.

As CEO of RevivaLTV, Senz explained the relationship between community presence and the esports ecosystem.

According to him, community is the lifeblood of the esports ecosystem. “Without the community, esports is nothing because the community is the driving force of the esports ecosystem itself. I also really believe that the community can make its members learn and develop from each other, of course in the same vision and mission within the community.

Esports Industry Development

Frans from PUBGM also explained the relationship between the community and the esports ecosystem from his point of view. According to him, technological advances make the development of the esports community and ecosystem easier and faster.

“Esports is growing because of the high interest and interest of game lovers. Everything is facilitated by technological advances, especially since the presence of mobile games. In addition, the development of ecosystems and communities is currently made easier because it can be done in various ways, one of which is through webinars and coaching clinics which are routinely held by UniPin Community.”

Furthermore, Senz said that the progress of the community was often hampered because of the unclear role of members in the community.

“The main mistake that often occurs in the community is the absence of a clear structural position and leader in the community. Structural and leadership positions are important because a community must have a clear vision and mission, led by a leader.”

Responding to the same thing, Frans said that it is important for members of a community to understand their respective roles.

“In a community there must also be someone who is a driving force in finding information about tournaments. However, the goal of the community is certainly not always competition, but also to be a fun place for community sustainability and the development of the esports ecosystem.”

More details can be found on the UniPin Gaming YouTube channel, along with all other UNITY webinars.

Every month, UNITY actively provides an educational platform related to the esports industry to support the positive growth of esports in Indonesia. Further information regarding UNITY activities, UniPin Academy and other webinars can be accessed through the official UniPin Community Instagram account @unipincommunity.

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