Construction Begins, RI’s Longest Toll Road Will Pass Bandung
Construction Begins, RI’s Longest Toll Road Will Pass Bandung

Construction Begins, RI’s Longest Toll Road Will Pass Bandung

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TUDEPOIN.COM – Bandung is one of the cities that will be passed by the longest toll road in Indonesia, namely the Gedebage-Tasikmalaya-Cilacap (Getaci) Toll Road.

It is known that the construction of the toll road will begin in 2023. This was confirmed by PT Jasa Marga through its subsidiary, PT Jasamarga Gedebage Cilacap (JGC).

PT JGC President Director Johannes Mancelly explained that the process of constructing the Getaci toll road has now entered the land inventory stage.

Meanwhile, the identification and benchmarking process included in Section 1 of the Gedebage-Garut North Junction of the Gedebage-Cilacap Toll Road for the Bandung City and Garut Regency areas has been completed.

It is hoped that the land acquisition process for Section 1 will meet the target, so that construction can begin in the second quarter of 2023.

“PT JGC is also committed to continuing to coordinate with related parties in accelerating the implementation of the construction of the Gedebage-Cilacap Toll Road,” explained Johannes.

The Getaci Toll Road will pass through and connect the Gedebage-Garut-Tasikmalaya-Patimuan-Cilacap area. The planned toll road construction will require an investment of IDR 56 trillion.

Getaci Toll Road is called the longest toll road in Indonesia because it crosses two provinces, namely West Java and Central Java with a total length of 206.65 km.

In detail, the West Java region, namely Gedebage to Ciamis along 169.09 km, then from the Ciamis border to Cilapas, Central Java along 37.56 km.

The construction of the Getaci Toll road has four sections, namely:

  1. The first section of the North Garut-Gedebage Junction is 45.2 km
  2. The second section of North Garut-Tasikmalaya is 50.32 km
  3. The third section of Tasikmalaya-Patimuan is 76.78 km long
  4. The fourth section of Patimuan-Cilacap is 34.35 km

The construction process will be carried out in two stages at once, namely the first stage, namely Sections 1 and 2, starting from the Gedebage Junction to the 95.52 km Interchange.

Next, we enter the second stage, namely sections 3 and 4 starting from the 111.13 km-long Interchange-Cilacap.

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