Cooking oil prices rise, small Malay traders languish
Cooking oil prices rise, small Malay traders languish

Cooking oil prices rise, small Malay traders languish

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“IF Abah (Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin) was PM… maybe the situation wouldn’t be as bad as it is now.”

A small merchant who sells fried bananas in a small town complained when asked about the government’s ad-hoc move to abolish packaged cooking oil subsidies from July 1.

Like most other small traders, that woman is in a pinch careless taken by the government, among others, to curb the issue of leakage of domestic cooking oil supply subsidies.

Though government The Malaysian family under the Prime Minister and Vice President of UMNO, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob maintained the subsidized cooking oil for the 1 kilogram package, in fact it did not give any meaning to small traders who were mostly Malays and natives.

They are not allowed to misuse packaged cooking oil as a raw material for doing business. The reason is that the supply of packaged cooking oil on the market is always insufficient even though each customer is only allowed to buy one pack for each purchase.

Like it or not, they have to increase the price of basic necessities to cover the sharp increase in costs after there will be no more subsidized packaged cooking oil next month.

Even before this, food prices had increased compared to before the Movement Control Order (PKP) was enacted in March 2020.

For example, fried bananas sold in small towns in rural areas cost 30 cents per fruit but have now jumped to 50 cents per fruit. The price is also likely to go up again.

The situation caused by this half-assed policy of Malaysian families does put tremendous pressure on small traders who are just about to train after living a miserable life due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Those who do business in small towns and rural areas will face reduced sales revenue when the price of goods sold must be increased.

In contrast to urban areas, customers in small towns and rural areas do not have significant purchasing power. Even a small price increase can make them less interested in buying.

As a result, the sales income of small traders decreased and when their business was no longer profitable, they had to close their shops. So, forget about policies that aim to make Bumiputera entrepreneurs control at least 30 percent of business equity.

If there is indeed a serious leak, we must step up enforcement action and do it firmly without favoritism. Instead of making half-assed decisions that burden small traders and the people.

Indeed, the lifting of packaged cooking oil subsidies is unacceptable. Malaysia is an exporter of palm oil.

The supply and price of palm oil in the local market will not go out of control. Is this government really that weak?

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