DC Blue Beetle movie on track for 2023 release date

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There is a lot of uncertainty about the future of HBO Max films and DC live-action films. bat girl Canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery last week, although production was nearing completion, as the company felt it was too big for HBO Max and too small for theaters. There’s been a lot of talk from executives about reshaping the DC universe moving forward, and fans worry that some characterless projects like Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman might be in trouble. Fortunately, it seems blue ladybug Still on the right track.

championship Cobra Kai Xolo Mariduea Outbreak, blue ladybug It is currently slated to hit theaters next August, although it was originally slated to be an original streaming show. new pieces Hollywood Reporter Regarding the future of DC films it was mentioned that blue ladybug Still in plans for a release next year. Right now, there is no worry about that blue ladybug You will face the same fate as Batgirl.

blue ladybug Not only was it an interesting project because of the interesting main characters and crew, but also because it received some kind of promotion during the production process. The film was originally supposed to premiere on HBO Max but Warner Bros. I decided to send it blue ladybug to the theater.

Maridwina plays the main role blue ladybug Along with Susan Sarandon, Bruna Marchesin, Bellissa Escobedo, Jorge Lopez, Adriana Barraza, Elepedia, Damien Alcazar, Harvey Gillen and Raul Max Trujillo. The film is directed by Angel Manuel Sota, with a script by Gareth Dunnet-Alcoce.

“This is really going to be a stepping stone in my life,” Maridwina said in an interview earlier this year. “I have had the opportunity to build chemistry with these guys over the years Cobra Kai. It would be hard to try to recreate that chemistry in much less time, but all of these people are professionals. I know I’m in the hands of people who are best at what they do. opportunity in Cobra Kai You really blessed me. I can do stunts, we can do crazy things. The addition of new levels of green screens, suits, CGI and all that will add a whole new level of crazy and I’m really excited about it.”

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