Disrespect for Malay Language, Individual Can Be Fined Maximum RM50,000
Disrespect for Malay Language, Individual Can Be Fined Maximum RM50,000

Disrespect for Malay Language, Individual Can Be Fined Maximum RM50,000

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Malay has been established as the language of communication, communication and the official language in Malaysia. Therefore, as Malaysians we are called to respect our National Language.

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri used Malay during bilateral meetings & joint press conferences during his official visits to Brunei, Cambodia & Thailand.

To enhance these efforts, a proposal was put forward by the Chair of the DBP Organizing Body, Professor Datuk Seri Dr Awang Sariyan.

He suggested that individuals found disrespecting the National Language in the future could be fined no more than RM50,000 or sentenced to prison through an amendment to the 1959 Language & Library Council (DBP) Act.

He said the two sentences were among those proposed to amend the law which is currently in the final stages of discussion before it is expected to be presented to the Prime Minister next month.

“This is not a matter of grammatical or spelling errors, but of disrespect for the National Language. The fines proposed are not to punish, but are proposed to arouse love & patriotism to the country,” he told the media.

Disrespect for Malay Fined

It was previously reported that the government will amend the law so that DBP can take action against any violation of the Malay language, including at the district level.

To carry out his duties as a language enforcer more effectively, he proposed that the National Language Law under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office be amended in line with the amendments to the DBP Act.

“Not only the DBP Law that needs to be changed, the Government Language Law also needs to be changed because it is the parent. If the law is expanded, the government could ask DBP to implement the language policy more clearly,” he said.

In the amendment, he said, it must be implemented holistically, not only in its enforcement jurisdiction, but also in terms of international aspects, accreditation and licensing of literary languages.

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