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Avee Player Pro Mod Apk – Music is something that cannot be separated from us, why? because music can give us many things, when we are happy music can express our joy, when we are sad it is the same way. Music is also often the best friend when we are having feelings that are out of nowhere. So it is very natural why music can be said to be very close to us for the above reasons.

Not infrequently we see a lot of people in public spaces using their heads free to listen again. Either walking, or waiting for something or even when on public transportation. That’s their form of enjoying music. So are you guys like that too or do you have other ways of listening to music?

Recently, there is a music player application that is being loved by music lovers and listeners. Maybe it’s a form of boredom for music addicts with the default music player apk on their respective smartphones that is too ordinary and that’s all. Do you feel it too? If yes, this review is the right answer to answer as well as replace the music player apk that you have.

Avee Player Pro

Avee Player Pro at a Glance

Avee Player pro – is the most popular music player apk developed by developer Daaw Aww. This Avee player pro application also includes a music player stored in the most popular folders and has been enjoyed by more than 10 million downloaders of android users. Are you interested in having one too?

If you feel bored with your mobile phone’s default music player application, that’s it. Then you need to try this Avee player pro. This apk allows you to experience a completely different music listening experience. Through this application, you can listen to music with an impressive specrum visualizer that will make you shake your head while playing high-quality or HD videos smoothly.

Avee Player Mod Apk Features

Of course, before continuing this review and you are going to download it, you also have to know what features this avee player mod version has. Well, we will share what features exist and are owned by this avee player mod. Let’s look at the review below.

1. Unlock all features

Actually you can still enjoy and listen to HD quality music and videos on avee player in the original version, but of course the original version has certain limitations that make some features locked and cannot be used.

All worries are enough with a solution using the avee player mod version apk that has been modified by a third party, which can open everything and you can play as you wish and for as long as you want. It doesn’t stop there because all the features have been opened, you can play music or videos in all formats, and you can customize the visualizer as you like.

2. No Ads

One of the next features offered by this avee player mod version can be free from the distraction of many ads. Of course whoever you are will be very disturbed if there are ads that suddenly appear, no matter how good the ads are, they are still very annoying.

If you use the original version of avee player, you will be annoyed by the many ads that suddenly appear. One more thing, usually there will be ads that appear when you play music using the visualizer and based on this experience, you can’t skip these ads.

3. Play Music/Video all format

If you are still using the original version of the avee player application, you will have problems because there will be some music and video formats used that cannot be played. It’s a different story if you have used the pro version of this apk mod, you can play all formats freely without any limitations.

4. Unlimited Visualizer Features

This Avee player pro mod version allows you to listen to music with an unlimited number of interesting visualizer options. That way you can choose and create the visualizer you want to create your own version of. If not, you can also change it using a photo of your girlfriend or other that you took from your gallery.

5. Convert Music to HD Video

This feature can convert mp3 music into high-quality or HD resolution videos. The video can contain music and visualizers that you can customize according to your taste and creativity with the unlimited features of this avee player mod version application.

Download Avee Player Pro Mod Apk

Are you impatient to be able to download it immediately? You can search for the link on google search with the key word avee music player mod version or if you want it easier, the link you are looking for has been prepared, you just click the link below to get it for free for loyal visitors to this blog.

How to Install Avee Player Pro Mod

The review is done, the download link is also there, then what’s left to do, guess what we can help you with? you guys want to know how to install the apk? OK, then we will try to explain a review on how to install avee player pro mod version on your favorite smartphone. Let’s see the steps.

  1. Make sure you have downloaded via the link above
  2. Then open the application that you downloaded and save
  3. the next step you go to the settings menu, security, to activate the unknown device.
  4. Then click install
  5. wait until the installation process is complete
  6. If you have opened the application
  7. And Avee player pro mod is ready for you to use.


Here is a review about the music player application that is being discussed a lot by music lovers wherever they are. Hopefully the above review provides the information you’ve been waiting for and hoping for.

Lastly, the author would like to say many thanks and at least apologize, continue to follow health protocols and apply new living habits with the 3 M, washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining distance. Stay safe everyone, see you in the next review.

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