Download Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9-10 Eng Sub, Who is Ye Sool’s Stalker?
Download Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9-10 Eng Sub, Who is Ye Sool’s Stalker?

Download Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9-10 Eng Sub, Who is Ye Sool’s Stalker?

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Kiss Sixth Sense, the latest Korean drama starring actresses Seo Ji Hye and Yoon Kye Sang. The drama just premiered on May 25, 2022 exclusively on the Disney Plus Hotstar streaming service. Here’s the link to watch and download Kiss Sixth Sense episodes 9 and 10 indo sub.

It turned out that this drama attracted a lot of viewers’ attention. In addition, this drama is known to have many kissing scenes. Launching from the page, the drama Kiss Sixth Sense is a drama adapted based on a webtoon.

Seo Ji Hye as the female lead, who plays the character Hong Ye Sul and actor Yoon Kye Sang who plays Cha Min Hoo, the Boss of where Hong Ye Sul works.

Synopsis Kiss Sixth Sense

Kiss Sixth Sense is a romantic drama about a woman who is able to see the future when she kisses someone. When she accidentally kisses her boss, she sees a shocking vision of their future together.

Since childhood, Ye Sool (Seo Ji Hye) has had a special ability. Every time his lips touched another person, he could see the future of that person. But, he didn’t know if his foreboding or what he saw would happen one month, one year, or several years into the future.

Ye Sool is currently working at an advertising company. He enjoys his job, but he hates his boss Min Hu (Yoon Kye Sang). One day, by accident, Ye Sool’s lips made contact with Min Hu’s neck and she saw their future relationship.

Seo Ji Hye added, “I thought it would be fun to watch the drama while trying to figure out if Ye Sul’s future with Min Hoo would go in the thrilling way she saw him and how the two ended up getting entangled in such a future drama.”

Spoiler for Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9-10

Previously, Cha Min Ho and Hong Ye Sool showed a closer relationship since the recent incident together. Because of this Minho realized his love for Yesool.

But again, the presence of Lee Pil Yoo created a lot of new problems especially when the three of them went out for a drink together and this man suggested having a drinking fight with Minho.

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