Download My Child Lebensborn APK (Full Paid) 2021
Download My Child Lebensborn APK (Full Paid) 2021

Download My Child Lebensborn APK (Full Paid) 2021

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Download My Child Lebensborn APKDownload My Child Lebensborn APK – Hello friends, meet again with the Admin who on this occasion will discuss a new game. Namely, Download My Child Lebensborn APK (Full Paid) 2021.

The game is a series of stories based on true stories. The game is about the tragic events of World War 2 and what happened after it.

You will adopt a child from Norway and raise him. Then have to treat him like your own child.

Some users may find some of the activities in the game distracting as there is a lot of emotion involved in the game.

Explore their past and prepare them for the future by getting to know them. This game is certainly very fun to play.

My son Lebensborn

“My Child Lebensborn tells the story of the innocent people of World War II.” The game is now available in three languages, such as New Brazilian, Korean and Spanish.

Players who play this game may adopt a Lebensborn child in Norway after World War II.

But parenting your child will be very challenging because growing up on a dangerous and hateful planet.

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Explore the twisted story of the children of Lebensborn, showing how the hatred of our enemies continues to take its toll even after victory.

Find out what their history is, about hate, bullying, and its practice. You have to balance time and resources for your child.

Can you help Klaus and Karin deal with the heavy legacy of the German occupation, so they will be able to take their place in a country celebrating its freedom?

Features of My Child Lebensborn APK

  • Your choices can affect children’s feelings, personalities, and worldviews.
  • You can see the effect of your choice in the child’s expressions and body language.
  • Based on a true story, explore the storyline.
  • Spend your time cooking, crafting, foraging, and playing while you earn money.
  • Take advantage of the limited resources you have.
  • Then, support the boy or girl for a year which is a defining moment in their life.

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How To Download And Install My Child Lebensborn On Android Device
  1. download
    To download this apk, you can download it via the download alternative that we have provided by clicking HERE.
  2. Allow unknown sources
    After downloading the app, go to your device’s Settings and select security or apps (depending on your device). Select ‘unknown sources’ and enable them with OK.
  3. Pforeign app
    Look for the download in your notification, or open the download press the button Lebensborn Kids apk File select Install.
  4. Start using it!
    Remember to reset your security settings to the mode you choose, Open the Lebensborn my son app.


This is the information we can convey to all of you. Hopefully the above information can be useful for readers wherever they are.

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