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Latest Whatsapp Mods – At this time a lot of whatsapp applications have sprung up, a lot of application developers offer their oprekan products, one of them is Deltalabsite indeed a professional developer from Indonesia who does not need to hesitate to modify a WhatsApp application.

Each application always has a different appearance from the others, so fans are looking forward to the latest WA MOD-MOD application produced by the nation’s children.

This time one of the developers named Yoyocx S Praditya Putra, the developer of Delta GBWhatsApp, re-modified the YoWhatsApp application which is one of the best WA MOD applications at the moment and the application is called delta yowa.

What is Delta YoWA?

Delta YoWA is a YoWhatsApp application from YousefAlBasha which was modified again by Yoyocx S Praditya Putra by offering an overall customizable display and several other additional features.

Based on trials, the YoWA Delta app offers not only a display, but with the added feature of Yoyocx S Praditya Putra which can allow you to customize your status with an emoticon changer.

Apart from emoticons, you can also give the status font style and color as well. So the YoWA Delta application is not only superior in appearance, but also superior in additional features.

Well, those are just a few features of Delta YoWA, if you want full details about the features of this app, please read below.

Features of Delta YoWA Whatsapp Mod

Download Yo WhatsApp

Main feature

The main features of YoWA Delta are the same as the main features in YoWhatsApp, you can find all these main features through Settings > YoWA Settings.

More Features

The following features are added by Yoyocx S Praditya Putra in Delta YoWA which you can find in Settings or Point 3 > Delta Settings.

  1. Home page: Status above with search below, navigation below, click profile photo to open slide menu
  2. chat: Text Bomb, Fancy Text and Emoticon Changer
  3. Status: Create status text with emoticon, font style, background color, text color, fancy text and emoticon changer. Press and hold the middle button for photo or video capture status
  4. Application theme: Light, Dark, Transparent and Custom

Indeed, there are not many additional features of YoWA Delta, but this is more than enough because there are already many built-in features that the YoWhatsApp application provides.

In conclusion, YoWA Delta features more than the official YoWhatsApp application because YoWA Delta is a re-modified application from YoWhatsApp which has not only appearance but additional features.

Download Delta YoWA Apk

Delta YoWA is available in 2 packages, namely unclone (com.whatsapp) and clone (com.yowhatsapp) with 2 different variants, namely with emoji changer and without emoji changer.

Delta YoWA With Emoji Changer


New version

Old version

When we open WA then other people will know from the words “On line” under our username or WhatsApp number.

Meanwhile, if we do not open WhatsApp, the Online article will change to the last date or time we opened WhatsApp.

Of course we have privacy that no one wants to know, and this online status on WhatsApp is no exception.

In this discussion, we will provide a solution for you so that you can easily delete online status on WhatsApp.

The method that we will provide does not require a third-party application or root access, so it is very easy and simple and easy to do.

Steps to Remove Online Status on WhatsApp Mod

hide whatsapp online status without root

1. Disable Cellular Data/WiFi

  • First, make sure turn on mobile data first until all the latest WhatsApp messages come in.
  • If it is already, disable mobile data/wifi and make sure your phone is not connected to the internet.
  • After that, open WhatsApp App
  • Once you are done viewing or replying to incoming WhatsApp messages, now close WhatsApp application and make sure it’s not in recent apps.
  • So now activate mobile data/wifi so that when your phone is connected to the internet, the WhatsApp message you sent earlier was sent.

This method allows you to still be able to view and reply to incoming WhatsApp messages without appearing Online status.

So that your last seen status will not be updated as if you have been inactive using WhatsApp for a long time.

2. Using WhatsApp MOD

If you don’t feel comfortable using the first method because it seems complicated, then the only last way I can give you is to use WA MOD.

Basically until now WhatsApp does not have a privacy setting to disable online status, but it can be done using the WA MOD application.

This can be done because WA MOD has an additional privacy feature that allows you to get rid of online status on WhatsApp.

Not only that, if you use this application, you can also enjoy other additional features that are also interesting.


  • Please use the WA Mod that you like, but I will give an example using YoWA. Download YoWhatsApp above.
    Open Settings which represents point 3 in the top right corner.
  • Choose YoMods
  • Choose Personal
  • Activate settings freeze last seen by checking the box to the right.
  • After that close YoWhatsApp and open return
  • Now now when you open WA or reply to an incoming message, the online status will never appear.

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Thus the discussion that we can share this time about the latest WhatsApp application, Hopefully it will be useful.

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