Dubai: the new largest library in the Arab world
Dubai: the new largest library in the Arab world

Dubai: the new largest library in the Arab world

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Dubai has just unveiled an amazing new building. The new Mohammed ben Rashid Library, spread over 55,000 m², is the largest new library in the Arab world.

The formation, bringing together nine special libraries, has more than 1.1 million printed and digital books in Arabic and foreign languages ​​and about 6 million academic works. The library also offers 75,000 videos, 5,000 historical journals, and 500 rare collections.

Ecological and technological buildings

The structure is not limited to housing books. The building was not only partially fed by solar energy but it also has a water recycling system that makes it possible reduce waste up to 50% of consumption. Thus, it responds to ecological dynamics.

Moreover, upon entering the library, robots replace staff direct visitors to their favorite books. The building is divided into different themed rooms and is equipped with many self-service kiosks as well as scanning lab.

3 million books distributed in schools

Emir Mohammed ben Rashid Al Maktoum, the origin of this colossal 260 million euro project, also announced the distribution of three million books in the schools most in need in the MENA region.

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