Easy Way to Install Author Box in WordPress
Easy Way to Install Author Box in WordPress

Easy Way to Install Author Box in WordPress

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For those of you who usually look for information on major media sites or blogs, surely you have noticed, a box that displays the name of the author, along with brief information about the author, and also the link to the author’s social media account (if displayed). What is the name of the box?

Yep, the box is named Author Box, or if it translates to author’s box. Author Box is a special feature or box, which is on a page or post of a website or blog, whose function is to display information briefly, based on the background about the author of the article.

Placement of the Author Box is usually under the article post. However, there are also some blogs or media, which display it above the article title. So between before or after posting the article, the author box can be displayed, according to the design or wishes of the website developer.

Why Should You Use Author Box?

For personal blogs, or blogs that are only managed personally, the author box may be optional. However, if a blog or website is managed by many people or by many authors, the author box is important.

Because this will help visitors or visitors, distinguish one author from another, when writing articles on websites or blogs. And the author box is also very helpful for interaction with visitors or readers.

So for those of you who want to create a website with multi-author, or many authors, I suggest you install or add it on your website or blog page. In this article, Teknoding will try to discuss how. In detail, here, let’s see further:

How to Install the Simple Author Box Plugin:

Here we will use a plugin called Simple Author Box. Because only this plugin has a good rating, and the developer always updates to the latest version. So just follow this method:

  • First of all, you can download the plugin here.
  • Or on the admin menu page, you select menu Plugins > then Add new.
wordpress dashboard plugin menu install add new
Plugins > Add New
  • Next, you can search for the plugin, by typing the keyword “simple author box”.
wordpress simple writer box plugin
Simple Writer Box
  • If you have found it, you select the button Install now day Activate

How to Setup the Simple Author Box Plugin:

After installing the plugin properly. Next, if you want to set or customize the author box. On the admin menu page, you select the menu Simple Author > Simple Writer.

wordpress simple author settings
Simple Author

In the Simple Author Box settings section, here you will see tab menus that you can adjust, or adjust to your needs. Like the menu Arrangementwhich provides a setting to display the author’s email, which you can activate by slide on on show author email. As well as other settings such as:

  • Appearance – Used to set the appearance of the author box.
  • color – Used to set the color, such as the author color.
  • Typography – Used to set the font, which you want to display.
  • Etc – Provides features Load the resulting inline style into the footer which is used to increase the loading speed of the website.
wordpress simple author box settings
Setting Up a Simple Writer Box

In addition, there are also menus above, such as:

  • Edit Author Profile – To set a short profile of the author.
  • Change Author Avatar – To set the image or photo of the author.
  • Add/Edit Social Media Icons – To edit or add a link, the author’s social media account.

When you select the menu buttons above, you will automatically be directed to the menu section User > Your profile. As in the image below:

your profile user wordpress simple author box
User > Your Profile

If you have, you can save the settings, by selecting the button Update profile.

The display results, using the plugin Simple Writer Box will be like this:

Example of Simple Author Box Display Results
Sample Result Display

But sometimes, there are several themes, which are installed by default Author Box. So if the themes you use are already available, you don’t need to install them again.

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