Easy Ways to Withdraw Money / Payoneer Balance at BRI Bank ATMs
Easy Ways to Withdraw Money / Payoneer Balance at BRI Bank ATMs

Easy Ways to Withdraw Money / Payoneer Balance at BRI Bank ATMs

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Hello friends tekno.jagoandzgn.com, in this article I’m back to discuss about Payoneer. Namely about how to easily withdraw money or balances in Payoneer accounts at ATMs. As we know that by having a Payoneer account, we will also be able to have a Mastercard debit card, which can be used as an ATM card.

So with this card, you can withdraw money at ATMs bearing the Mastercard logo, such as BRI, BNI, Mandiri, or BCA.

The condition is that your Payoneer account must be filled with sufficient balance for withdrawals. If there is no balance, what do you want to withdraw?

In addition, if you impose or just for fun trying to insert a Payoneer card into an ATM with an empty balance, then your Payoneer card will be automatically swallowed by the ATM machine. It’s a hassle, you have to re-request.

As for here, I intend to share my first experience when withdrawing money from a Payoneer balance using a Payoneer Mastercard card. And I did it at the BRI ATM.

Actually, I don’t want to withdraw money from my Payoneer account yet, knowing that the incoming balance is still small. But because of my passionate curiosity, I finally decided to try to make a withdrawal at an ATM, even though the balance was still small. ^_^

Oh yes, maybe there are friends who don’t know that by joining Payoneer, you have the opportunity to get a bonus of $ 25 by referring other people to join Payoneer together.

Easy Ways to Withdraw Payoneer Balance at BRI ATMs

And when your friend or the person you refer has managed to achieve a minimum balance of $ 100, then both will receive a commission of $ 25. Very interesting, isn’t it! So for those who don’t have a Payoneer account, you can register immediately to get the $25 bonus. For those who wish to join via my affiliate link.

Terms and Conditions Fee / Transaction Fee

In the process of withdrawing Payoneer money at this ATM, there are several terms and conditions that we must pay attention to and know about the fees / fees charged for each transaction made. So for every withdrawal at an ATM it is not free, aka there is a fee that you have to bear and it will be deducted from the balance every time you withdraw money.

Here are some data fees that are passed on to you as the account owner every time you make a transaction, be it withdrawals or balance checks. For every successful withdrawal, a fee of $3.15 is charged and for a balance check is $1 (free if made on a Payoneer account). And in some cases, if the withdrawal transaction fails for some reason, a $1 fee is also charged.

In addition, we also need to know that Payoneer itself imposes an annual activation fee of $29.95. As for if for a year there is no incoming balance, then the card will be blocked.

By knowing the terms and conditions, especially with regard to fees / fees that we have to pay, then we can take into account the risks and all kinds of things before withdrawing money at an ATM.

It is recommended that if you want to take money from Payoneer via ATM, don’t do it a little bit. Choose the maximum number of withdrawals at ATMs using 100 thousand notes. So it can be more efficient and economical.

Technical Ways of Withdrawing Money at BRI ATMs

Okay, it’s better to just go to the technical tutorial on how to withdraw money using a Payoneer card at a BRI ATM.

1. Make sure you are in front of the machine ATMnot a sewing machine or any other machine.

2.Insert card payerlike inserting a regular ATM card. Then select Indonesian

3. Enter your Payoneer card PIN, which is a 4-digit number. This PIN itself is set during the Payoneer card activation process on your Payoneer account dashboard. So during the card activation process, the PIN must be remembered or better recorded.

4. Select the desired withdrawal amount. Or if you want to enter a smaller value (not listed in the list), you can select another nominal, then type the amount manually.

5. Select Credit card account. Although this is a debit card, it is detected by the ATM as a credit card.

6. Wait a moment, your money withdrawal will be processed immediately like a regular ATM card withdrawal.

7. Lastly, please take the money. And put it in your wallet, don’t stick it on your forehead.

Well, that’s a short and easy technical way to withdraw money from your Payoneer account using a Payoneer Mastercard debit card. It’s easy and fun, especially if the dollars are a lot..


Actually I really want to make a guide in the form of a video like what the masters do when withdrawing their earnings from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

However, due to the impossibility of the situation, when the ATM was in a queue, I gave up my intention to just take a picture or video of how to withdraw money with the Payoneer card.

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But don’t worry, instead, you can watch the video from Master Online Ngepet below. He provides an easy way to withdraw Payoneer money at several well-known ATMs. So you can watch it for more details. wow.

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