Editorial: The country’s ‘umbrella’ is a hundred pieces, is it time?
Editorial: The country’s ‘umbrella’ is a hundred pieces, is it time?

Editorial: The country’s ‘umbrella’ is a hundred pieces, is it time?

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Editorial: The country's 'umbrella' is a hundred pieces, is it time?

We are sure that a student who has gone on to higher education will know the spelling ‘Umbrella’. But those who toy with this glitch know how the country’s ‘umbrella’ excretes large amounts of water. Do they dare to ask Bharat Bhagyavidhi for an explanation? Also, for those who have this question, does the media do this? Kunal Ghoshi Writes

Emotional anger over K’s passing is stagnant at the moment. There is almost no enthusiasm in applying adjectives to Rupankar. Currently, the issue is ‘Umbrella’. Why in English? We were preoccupied with reporters’ questions and terrible student answers. At the same time, the parent’s saying, that his little girl friend sent a ‘message’ in Bengali, was also passed on to English. But the girl herself was ready to ‘message’ in English but failed the test in English? what happened?

With this, media has become an interesting issue on social media! We are involved in imparting knowledge. Social media means government with a free majority. Twelve Ghost Offers. Also, a very popular modern platform for blaspheming God in the ten chakras. This stage never engages in arbitrary rhetoric; Sometimes it is the digital execution stage. So, from the analysis I’ve seen from experts on this ‘umbrella’ joke, I understand that training is two-way. This student’s first knife of study! Little ‘umbrella’ has no vague notion of spelling. There’s no shame though. Fell sitting in development to ask permission once again. They are responsible, their parents are responsible, their teachers are responsible, the whole system is responsible, etc.

But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been bad students in the past. Not only that, for centuries every Bengali student has studied English like an Oxford student. Not only that, at first this girl started to suffocate. His stance on the “Umbrella” spelling is positively worrying, but perhaps no more so than it seems on the satanic bliss digital execution stage.

Editorial: The country's 'umbrella' is a hundred pieces, is it time?

But the second question, how big are the chances of the press? Is this an opportunity for working class, lower working class or lower class students to take a qualifying exam, or is it an abuse of opportunity? There is a clear answer. To highlight the true position of those who oppose extravagant passes. Also, use it as a symbol to sort out various jokes and attacks. By making posts ‘viral’, increase ‘likes’.

But there is another side too. However, I don’t want to say that I advise you to keep it a secret. You must know the spelling. The behavior of these students and their friends will become a laughing stock for those who watch the video. But as a working journalist, I have a different view on the issue of opportunity for the press.

One, there’s nothing wrong with showing a girl’s indifference. But far from Kolkata, when a girl from an ordinary family studies amidst many hardships, grapples with general anxieties and plans for English education, the battle for media inclusion in their social-financial structure ensues? Who can watch media as long as nobody does it well overall? In our socialist minded intellectual work in rescuing restless students of low caliber. But we are very interested in fighting for his life.

Two, asked the reporter. To be honest. But journalists don’t speak English at all, do you know every Bengali spelling? Do you know where ‘e’ and ‘e’ are used? Paper confirmation department to cope with writers who are tired of spelling. A big mistake even on the TV screen. Then the crowd calmed down. If you look at the spelling knowledge of most of the portals. What evidence do the ‘soft objective’ girls out there have? If they are supposed to fail in English, shouldn’t journalists with poor language skills also be removed?

Third, the girl is a ‘soft goal’. It’s easy to ask questions. But in the skirmishes of life’s struggles, the distinction between great individual guilt, the allure of many willful delusions, promises and executions, which involve the interests of many, may the opposite question be asked?

In a country where the Prime Minister doesn’t hold press conferences to avoid the question, is it really an achievement to expose people’s mistakes? We were plagued by questions about how to spell ‘umbrella’.

People who need to ask these questions, the media do? An unknown child is playing around the body of a temporary specialist at a foreign station. Viewers of pictures, news media have increased. Tears flowed out. So does the kid understand how to spell ‘umbrella’ in English today, or is he just realizing how much media and social media he needs? How will you remember the ‘Umbrella’ magic of a boy in your family, who worked in quarantine and went to school to become a labourer, any media advice?

Again, the quality of time is erratic. The socio-financial system is complex. The coronavirus has been moving back and forth randomly throughout life. Some students who struggle with a hostile environment, or some part of the system, must have darkness, but preventing others from receiving light, or not solving the cause of darkness, may not be fair. The girl’s attitude in answering the question about the spelling of ‘umbrella’ suddenly made us feel a sense of humor. Identifying the problem is also fine. But without looking in the mirror thoroughly, should we say that we are taking a real part in digital transformation? Do we ourselves know everything, except for a small number of wealthy families or very talented students? If someone suddenly asks a question in front of the camera, I can say that everything is right?

I think the girl’s ‘Umbrella’ spelling should be correct in English. I think it’s a shame not to have the option to say, it disappoints their teachers too. But given the massive multi-faceted exercise that takes place with this girl’s video, I’ve prepared this discussion for a bit of thought.

Towards the end of two timeless lines: “After the oil bottle broke / Dogs / You all old kids / Separate India!” If you set it up a bit the way it is now, it would be helpful to think about what else it would be.

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