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Before becoming a famous Hollywood star, Elizabeth Anderson Martin had a bright profession. He is known as a photographer, digital artist and horse trainer.

The three professions he lived professionally and became quite promising professions. Even with this profession, his career can be said to be promising.

However, he became famous when he married William Shatner, in 2001. William Shatner himself is a famous actor who has been acting since 1957.

She started appearing with her husband on the show E! True Hollywood Story which aired in 2002. But it didn’t stop there, he then also appeared on various shows.

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Some of the events he attended such as Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner (2004), Gonzo Ballet (2009) and The Shatner Project (2014). Most of her shows were heavily influenced by the presence of her husband, William Shatner.

Unfortunately in 2020, the two of them decided to divorce even though their marriage had been going on since 2001.

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Elizabeth Anderson Martin - Biography, Profile, Facts, Age, Religion

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Biodata & Profile

  • Full Name: Elizabeth Anderson Martin
  • Stage Name: Elizabeth Anderson Martin, Elizabeth Shatner
  • Nickname: Elizabeth
  • Place of Birth: United States, December 30, 1958
  • Nationality: United States
  • Education: Purdue University
  • Religion: –
  • Height: – cm
  • Parent: –
  • Brothers and sisters: –
  • Husband: Michael Glenen Martin (1982-1997), William Shatner (2001-2020)
  • Profession: Horse Trainer, Photographer, Digital Artist
  • Hobbies: Equestrian
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter:-
  • Instagram: –
  • tiktok :-
  • Youtube:-

Interesting Facts

  • Met her ex-husband, William, after she lost her partner.
  • Have a great interest in horse riding.
  • He is also very fond of photography.
  • Good at making art.
  • Married William in Lebanon.
  • Once attended her ex-husband’s 90th birthday after a divorce.
  • Already liked riding when he was 5 years old.
  • Got his first horse when he was 8 years old.
  • His first horse was the pony Gailceno.
  • Has won various equestrian competitions.

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TV shows

  • Project Shatner (2014)
  • Gonzo Ballet (2009)
  • Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner (2004)
  • E! True Hollywood Story (2002)

It can be said that Elizabeth Anderson Martin is a multitalented star. He not only appears on TV screens but is also active on horseback, works digitally and can become a photographer.

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