FLKS TikTok Is Slang that’s Viral, Here’s What It Means
FLKS TikTok Is Slang that’s Viral, Here’s What It Means

FLKS TikTok Is Slang that’s Viral, Here’s What It Means

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Depoktik.co.id – In the following, we will explain about FLKS TikTok, which stands for Follows, likes, comments and shares. For more details, please see the explanation as follows.

Tiktok is the most popular entertainment tool that is widely used, because this application offers lots of quality, unique and funny videos that can entertain its users.

Until now, tiktok is the best and widely used application. Tiktok users also include several groups from small children to adults. Therefore, if you are curious, you can download TikTok right now.

Another interesting thing in tiktok is that it can make money easily, not a few of users are starting to use this application for their creative arena. You will also be freed to create as interesting content as possible.

In addition, TikTok also often displays some of the latest terms that make many TikTok residents curious. One of them is TikTok’s FLKS which makes them wonder what it really means.

Therefore, to find out in more detail, please refer to the explanation as follows.


As we know, that tiktok often provides the latest terms that make other users curious. And the name FLKS itself has made Tiktok residents wonder what it means.

The word FLKS itself often appears in video content uploaded by users via hashtags. In addition, it also often appears in a comment in the application. However, there are still many tiktok users who don’t understand what Flks means. Therefore, we will explain it in detail for you to understand.

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FLKS TikTok Is

FLKS TikTok is an abbreviation of slang that is widely spoken by Tiktok users. It means Follow, Like, Comment, and Share. Many people call it the word FLKS to make it shorter and easier to pronounce.

Lots of tiktok users say the word flks and summarize it in every content they upload. Not only tiktok, because many Youtube users also mention the word.

But, the difference is not using the word follow but subscribe. Even so, both TikTok and Youtube itself have the same intention, namely to invite others to subscribe to the content that you build.

Promoting content creators is a mandatory thing to do. Therefore, many of them use the word FLKS to facilitate and invite people to take an action.

The action in question is to follow the tiktok account. Give a like, leave a comment and so on. And you can share your content to other social media networks so that your work will be seen by others.

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TikTok FLKS Destination

For those of you who don’t know what the purpose of Flks tiktok is, so the goal is for uploaded tiktok videos to enter the FYP row. This is because content creators want to promote that person to do whatever they want.

Like giving likes, comments, shares and more. And after the content enters Fyp this will benefit you later. The video will become popular and be seen by many other tiktok users. No wonder the fyp video will go viral on social media.

This will also make it easier for you to generate rupiah easily. Therefore, you can try this technique and use it on the hashtags of the videos that you will upload.

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Maybe that’s all we can say about FLKS TikTok that you can understand, and it will make it easier for your tiktok videos to enter fyp. Follow all the methods above and if you are lucky, the video will enter into Fyp and earn rupiah coffers easily. Hopefully useful, thank you.

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