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What is Noise? Read more in this technoding article.

Noise or it can also be called noise, is an application that is used to listen to streaming radio, music and podcasts for free.

Noice application was developed by PT MAHAKA RADIO DIGITAL. Where all the content in the Noice application comes from local content alias from Indonesia.

For those of you who like to listen to songs, and want to enjoy audio content such as radio, domestic podcasts.

And want to support local products or content. There’s nothing wrong with trying this cool application.

3 Main Content Noice

Noise Radio:

  • kiss fm
  • like fm
  • fm gene
  • and other Mahaka group radio.

Noise podcasts:

  • public enemy podcast
  • uus dicky podcast
  • very boba ball podcast
  • and other content creators.

Noise Music:

  • Wrong Ewan
  • NOAH
  • Afghanistan
  • Chrisye
  • and other musicians.

How to Download Noice Application on Android Phone

Noice is available for Android and iOS mobile users. For those of you Android cellphone users, you can see the following steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store application on your cellphone.
  • Type the keyword “noice” in the search field.
download the noise app on the android play store
Download the Noice App
  • Or just click the download link for the noice android application.
  • If so, open the application.
  • Next, select the button List, if you haven’t registered or created a noice account.
  • If you already have a Noice account, select Enter.
noice app display on cellphone
Noice App Display
  • On the Applications page Create Noice Account.
  • Enter your cellphone number, name, and gender.
  • If you have selected the Next button.
register for a noice account
Noice List
  • On the Noice Account Login Application page.
  • You enter the HP number that has been registered.
  • Later, you enter the verification code sent via SMS.
login noice account
Login Noice Account
  • After that, you can enjoy the content presented by the noise application.

How to Run Noice Application on PC/Laptop?

Although currently the Noice Application is only available, for Android and iOS HP or Smartphone devices.

However, you can run the Noice Application on your PC / Laptop, via Android Emulators scattered on the internet. Examples such as Bluestack Emulators, Memu, Nox and so on.

download the noise pc app
Noice on Bluestack PC Emulator

Thus the article about what is Noice. Hopefully it can be one of the recommendations, cool Android applications for you.

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