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31 July 2022

Tiktok Video Bokeh Full – Every video is better if it has the risk of blur or bokeh. To make the following risks and become Tiktok’s famous bokeh videos, apparently you don’t need an expensive camera or a high-spec mobile-phone camera. All you need is to apply video revisions.

Yes, now there are many video revision applications that have modern specs, so users can implement bokeh videos in it. Want to know what application is? Following below, we can share applied suggestions for revising bokeh videos from either a cellphone or PC.

Applied Tiktok Full Bokeh Videos on HP

Applied Tiktok Full Bokeh Videos on HP

To become famous on Tiktok, you can start by making good videos and the implications of bokeh risks in them. Here are some applications that you can use for this need:

DSLR Camera HD

This application can help you when making a beautiful bokeh risk simply via a mobile-phone. It doesn’t matter if your mobile phone is not good at recording HD quality videos or also blurs the background. Because the application of DSLR HD This camera can help you.

DSLR HD Cameras have specs that can make recordings auto focus on the closest object and make the surrounding area blurry. The results of this applied recording are good even though it is not as natural as using an original HD camera.

This app is also equipped with several setups similar to those of a DSLR. Therefore, you can experience using a DSLR from your mobile-phone feature.


The next application that can be used to make bokeh videos is AfterFocus. Unlike DSLR HD Cameras, AfterFocus is more focused in the process after capturing footage. So here you have to record a video or take a photo before it will be revised here.

AfterFocus has a very attractive filter specs. Where you can designate yourself which rooms can be blurred. Except for pointing yourself out, if you don’t want it to be so difficult, you can use the smart filter specs or smart selection provided by this application.

Then you just need to click on the specs and leave it alone to find out the objects in your video or photo.

MX camera

Applied Android is also no less good than a number of applications the first time. The MX camera can create a fairly smooth bokeh risk for your videos. The technique of use is also simple. You don’t have to have any personal skills regarding video revision.

Also if you are still a real beginner it is easy to adapt to the following applications. In addition to risking bokeh, MX Cameras certainly have other specialists. Among other things is the risk of slow motion.

A good combination if you can make some of Tiktok’s famous bokeh videos combined with the true slow motion risk of applying this MX Camera.

Blur Video

In the list after that there is the name Blue Video. Just like its name, this application has an important aspect to give the risk of blur in a separate room. You can do a filter to determine which areas should be given the risk of blurring. Certainly a room that does not contain object focus.

Interestingly, the application of Blur Video deeply explores the needs of many users by providing Instagram sharing without cropping specs. Yes, you can directly submit the revised video to Instagram without having to resize it like other video editors.

Google Camera

This application from Google, of course, should not be left behind to enter the list of applied bokeh video revisions. This Google Camera application is actually an application that is used to increase the quality of the camera from your mobile-phone.

It has excellent specs that can be used and are similar to DSLR cameras. One of the interesting things is that you can implement bokeh photos or videos better than when you don’t use Google Camera.

Your mobile-phone camera will also look better after using this Google Camera.

How to Change Tiktok Full Bokeh Video on PC

How to Change Tiktok Full Bokeh Video on PC

To get a more advanced video changing experience, you can start by using the application of a video editor on a PC. Below are a number of applications that can be used:

Adobe Premiere Pro

In the first number there is the name Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are familiar with the application of video revision, surely you are already familiar with this application, right? This application of video revision from Adobe is very well known and is widely used in video editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro has a lot of specs that are used to fake videos in several ways. This includes implementing blurry risk to make a video that has a bokeh risk in it.

From a user experience standpoint, Adobe Premiere Pro may not be friendly. This is natural considering Premiere Pro is actually an application aimed at many professionals.

After Effects

This brother of Adobe Premiere Pro is still an idol when someone wants to implement the risk of bokeh in their videos. Because the following application has an intelligent method that can identify an object that is in the video and select it gently.

You can also apply the risk of bokeh in a room that has been selected by Adobe After Effects easily. The weakness in this application is the size and the heaviest performance. You need enough features to be able to run After Effects smoothly.

Windows Movie Maker

The two applications that we suggested initially are more suitable for professionals or at least those of you who already have a little experience in the world of video revision. But if you’re still a beginner, then try Windows Movie Maker. The following video editors are more beginner friendly.

Because here the specs are relatively simple when compared to other video revisions. This problem makes it easier for beginners to adjust but also certainly learn.

To implement the bokeh effect, a little trick and you have to be patient in revising it. Because here you can’t find some modern features that make it easier like when using Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Apple iMovie

For many of you Mac users, Apple iMovie might be a good option for revising Tiktok’s famous bokeh videos. This application has several interesting specifications such as integrative audio, green screen, and so on.

This application is not heavy but the specs are quite useful. What’s very interesting, of course, is that Apple iMovie is available for free for Mac users. You can directly download and use it without having to buy a license like other applications.

Those are some applied lists that you can use to easily make Tiktok famous bokeh videos. Each application must have their own advantages and disadvantages. So be wise when selecting the same according to your video revision needs.

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