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Games Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or better known as GTA San Andreas are included in the legendary video games. This popular game has many cheats that can make it easier for players. Did you know the latest GTA San Andreas cheat code?

If you don’t know, you are in the right place right now. The problem is this article will share a variety of super complete GTA cheats. Starting from the cheats used on PS2, PS3, PS4, to PS5. Want to know? Read on for the article to the end.

Who does not recognize this game made by Rockstar, which since its initial launch has invited many pros and cons in several countries, but remains a game of a million people because it offers open world features and gives the widest possible freedom to its players.

But apart from a number of features that the GTA franchise has, there is one thing that actually makes this game more sustainable and more attractive to play, namely because there are cheats.

It’s impossible to leave GTA cheats if you play these games made by Rockstar. GTA or Grand Theft Auto is a million people game that features open world gameplay, allowing you to be free to do anything — including criminal acts at the risk of being chased by the police.

Besides being used to help challenge the police and gangs, GTA cheats provide some funny things that make it more interesting. Therefore, this GTA cheat is almost always used by every player.

Without GTA cheats playing games will be boring. This GTA cheat allows you to do various crazy things, such as the GTA cheat that spawns various types of weapons, cars, tanks, and even riots in all cities. Immediately, here are the GTA San Andreas cheat groups to GTA V cheats:

About GTA San Andreas


Previously there was the famous Moblie Legend or PUBG today, GTA San Andreas was famous in the previous period. Most children and teenagers know this game. Please review briefly regarding this game.

GTA San Andreas tells the story of a man named Carl Johnson or CJ. the character as a member of a gang wandering in the state of San Andreas. That country is CJ’s hometown.

Dianya came home because of the death of her mother who died because of the gang chaos around her house. CJ is determined to reveal the faction responsible for the acts of chaos and attack on his mother.

What are GTA Cheats?

Some people who like to play games or gamers are certainly already familiar with the term cheat. The meaning of the cheat itself is a program or code that game players can use to win the game easily.

Codes or cheat programs will have various effects, starting from adding player strength, weakening enemies, and making things easier for players. The use of cheats actually belongs to the group of acts of manipulation.

But the use of this cheat is very reasonable. Cheats can be used in some basic games. Starting from consoles, PCs, to mobile.

Some game developers, especially mobile games are really against cheats. They do not hesitate to ban accounts that are identified as having misbehaved.

GTA San Andreas PS2 Cheats

PS2 is the oldest console game device that can be used to play GTA San Andreas. It is not strange if many cheats have been found. GTA cheats on PlayStation 2 as the most complete among all console or PC games.

Although the presence of the PS2 has become increasingly rare due to the emergence of various new series, you still play to just reminisce with small period games. Here is a group of GTA San Andreas cheats for PS2 that you can use.

  1. Character Cheats
  2. Weapon Cheats
  3. Traffic Cheats
  4. Anti Police Cheats
  5. Vehicle Cheats and Their Effects
  6. Cheat Games
  7. Gang Member Cheats
  8. Weather Cheats
  9. Cheats People on Foot
  10. Long Blood Cheat

GTA San Andreas PS4 Cheats

Compared to the original 2 PS, this PS4 is quite difficult to cheat. This arises because the mechanics of the PlayStation 4th generation have gotten even more powerful. However, GTA San Andreas players can actually use some cheats.

It is certain that the number of cheats that you can use on PS4 has decreased. Completely different from the cheats that are on the PS3 let alone PS2. Want to know what cheats are available for GTA on PS4? Here’s the list.

GTA San Andreas PS5 Cheats

PlayStation 5 is the latest console game device from Sony. This game console has used really great technology. Just launched in November 2020, the PS5 is still young.

The number of people who have this device is less than the pioneers. Therefore, information about the GTA San Andreas game cheats on the latest generation of PlayStation has not been spread.

Until now, there is no information that says about GTA cheats on PS5. However, you can still try the various PS4 or PS3 cheats that have been given above. Who knew the cheat could be used on PS5.

Playing GTA San Andreas using cheats is not a strange thing. The problem is the use of cheats in this game is very reasonable. Not only in Indonesia, GTA San Andreas cheats for PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5 are also famous abroad.

Download GTA SA Lite

To get the full version, you can enter this article or download it HERE

The final word

these cheats for gta san andreas can be used in PS games and you can do when playing PS2 to PS5 and we also recommend you to see other articles;

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