Hives and their causes.  About Anything?
Hives and their causes. About Anything?

Hives and their causes. About Anything?

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DEJAVANEWS.COM – Hives and their causes are often still a question because hives themselves often occur suddenly.

What is hives? Why can someone get hives? How to deal with hives?

Well, regarding hives and their causes, these three questions are often asked when seeing someone experiencing hives.

Before discussing the causes, it’s good to first know about hives, then the causes.

Hives are a type of disease that often occurs suddenly. This disease is a bit like mosquito bite marks or more specifically, this disease is in the form of lumps that appear to appear on the skin.

When it recurs, these hives can be uncomfortable because they are very itchy and hot.

Hives themselves can be caused by several things, namely:

1. Insects

Maintaining cleanliness cannot be delayed because cleanliness greatly affects health and other things. One of them is to keep the bed clean.

Sometimes, when a person wakes up suddenly experiencing hives. This could be due to poor bed conditions or lack of cleanliness of the bed so that it invites insects to come.

Usually the insects that can cause hives are caterpillars, mites, cockroaches, ants, or their droppings.

So, in overcoming this, that is the importance of cleaning the bed before going to bed and after waking up.

2. Cold temperature

The cause of this one is often experienced by adults, especially for those who are allergic to cold. This cold temperature that penetrates the skin causes hives to appear.

3. Dust and animal hair

Other causes can also be through dust or certain animal dander. Someone who has an allergy to dust or animal dander will be prone to hives.

4. Food

Well, food selection is also an important category for everyone because eating the wrong food can also cause hives.

Everyone has certain portions and restrictions on food. In addition, not all foods can be accepted by the body.

Certain foods can cause an overreaction so that if it cannot be accepted by the body, it can cause an overreaction and cause hives.

So, the way to deal with hives caused by food is to stop eating foods that can cause hives.


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