How to Borrow Credit from Telkomsel (Simpati and AS)
How to Borrow Credit from Telkomsel (Simpati and AS)

How to Borrow Credit from Telkomsel (Simpati and AS)

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How to Borrow Credit from Telkomsel (Simpati and AS) – For current Telkomsel users, it is necessary to be happy with the article, for now Telkomsel provides credit credit services that we can use.

We can use the credit credit service from Telkomsel during an emergency, for example when traveling, away from the city / village or when it is urgent.

The method for paying Telkomsel credit itself is very easy and of course it can be used by all Telkomsel customers including you.

However, to use this service there are terms and conditions. Calm down buddy, because the conditions are not too complicated and of course we can fulfill them.

Before we know the terms and conditions, let’s briefly discuss the development of Telkomsel providers, friends.

Telkomsel recently launched its Tcash service where you can use this service to shop online or in person.

Not only that, in Tcash we can also get many lucrative bonuses. In conclusion, Telkomsel users are increasingly pampered with the latest Telkomsel services.

How to Borrow Credit from Telkomsel Via Operators

Do you remember texting Mama asking for credit or dad being at the police station asking for credit that went viral last year? Well, the Telkomsel provider has realized the request/debt request feature.

how to borrow credit from Telkomsel

Well, for more details, please see the terms and conditions for Telkomsel’s emergency credit debt below.

Telkomsel Credit Debt Terms

  1. Using Telkomsel As and Simpati cards.
  2. When the credit debt will be charged an admin fee of Rp. 800, – every time the credit is owed.
  3. You can use this method 10 times per day.
  4. The credit limit that can be sent is 200 thousand.
  5. The minimum amount that can be transferred is 5 thousand.

After we know the terms above, let’s see how to pay the debt below.

How to Pay Telkomsel Credit

  1. First, please enter the SMS menu on your cellphone.
  2. Then type SMS to the destination number in TPULSA format (SPACES) The nominal amount of the transfer. Example 5000 TULSA.
  3. If then sent to the number requesting credit.
  4. Later the operator will notify the person who requested the credit that the credit has been entered.
  5. Done.

How easy is it not for credit debt in Telkomsel? Now you can ask/borrow credit anytime from your friends or family.

This method can only be used for fellow Telkomsel numbers other than Telkomsel, so this method will not work.

That’s how to borrow credit from fellow Telkomsel numbers. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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