How to Change Video Quality to HD on an Android Phone
How to Change Video Quality to HD on an Android Phone

How to Change Video Quality to HD on an Android Phone

Posted on – How to Change Video Quality to HD on an Android Phone – Currently there are many smartphone devices that provide the latest technology by incorporating high-quality cameras into the device.

The advantages offered allow you to easily record videos with very clear quality and very comfortable to watch again.

One measure that determines video quality is FPS or frames per second. The higher the frames per second in a device, the better the video quality will be.

Even if you have a good quality and quality smartphone camera, that doesn’t mean that you can always get the best video quality every time.

Problems such as vibration or motion while recording video may occur while recording events using a smartphone. Well, when this happens the quality of the video you produce will be disrupted and become worse when re-watched.

There’s no need to worry when this happens, as you can fix a bad video result with very easy and easy-to-implement steps. What’s more interesting is that there is no need for additional video editing apps to improve video quality.

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I will share with you all about how to improve video quality on Android. In terms of video related shake and unstable due to a lot of shaking while recording.

To improve video quality you only need a feature on your smartphone, namely Google Photos. Google Photos is a built-in app on Android and a feature that can be used to enhance and enhance the quality of vibrating videos.

Interested to apply how?

Well, this time I will explain to you all about how to improve the quality of the video so that it becomes clearer and more comfortable when viewed again.

Here are the ways and steps you can take to improve poor video quality on Android.

1.Open Google Photos App

First you just need to open the Google Photos app which is available on your Android smartphone.

2.Select the Video to repair

Then you can choose one of the poor quality videos to fix and stabilize.

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3.Press the Hamburger Icon

Once the video is open, you can select the hamburger-shaped icon in the Google Photos app.

4. Select Stabilize

The last step is to just press stabilize and then the application will start the stabilization process for the existing video. You just have to wait for the existing video to stabilize and get fixed by the Google Photos app.

The discussion that has been presented above is one way to improve video quality on Android, namely by stabilizing videos that are wobbly or wobbly.

The method above is very easy for you to do because you don’t need to use additional video editing applications.

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With the help of Google Photos, you can enjoy videos of fun moments with friends and family in better quality.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is always use a stabilizer when recording the moment.

This method is effective in reducing the vibrations that occur while you are recording. That way you don’t have to bother to improve the quality of the existing video.

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