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How to Change Videomax Quota to Regular Credit – Videomax quota is already quite popular even though its use is very limited.

Videomax quota can only be used for those who like to watch movies through the Telkomsel application, MAXstream.

However, not everyone likes to watch movies, so Videomax quota is often not used or wasted.

And unfortunately, many people don’t know that Videomax quota can be converted into regular credit.

Because there are still many who don’t know, in this post we will explain how to convert videomax quota into credit.

What is Videomax Quota?

how to change videomax quota to credit

Videomax quota is a quota given by Telkomsel specifically for watching movies on MAXstream, an application to watch movies from Telkomsel in the form of a catalog containing thousands of movies that can be watched using the Videomax quota.

This Videomax quota will be deducted automatically if you open the MAXstream application and watch movies there. As for other activities, the quota that will be deducted is your main quota.

You can download the MAXstream app on the Google Play Store then install and run it on your mobile. Previously, don’t forget to create an account first.

Services That Can Be Accessed with Videomax Quota

Because it’s only for watching movies via MAXstream, the list of services that you can access is limited to only watching certain shows. The following is a list of services:

  1. Local Channels, such as Kompas TV, Metro TV, and TV One
  2. Basic Channels, EuroSport, Animal Planet, such as TLC, Discovery Asia, and Discovery Channel
  3. Premium Channels: Warner TV, Oh!K, and Nick Jr.
  4. HOOQ

If you are not very interested in watching shows on the above-mentioned channels, Telkomsel provides another option for you.

Another option is to change your Videomax quota to regular credit which you can register for other quota packages.

How to Change Videomax Quota Into Regular Credit

Before going to the tutorial, make sure you still have the remaining Videomax quota which will be converted into regular credit. How to check Videomax quota, namely:

send SMS with the format flash (space) infov2 that 3636

After knowing how much remaining quota from Videomax you have, then converting it to regular or regular credit. The steps are as below:

how to change videomax quota to credit
  1. First, enter the Videomax calling code by dialing to *700*1*1#.
  2. Wait for a notification “Thank you. Your request is being processed.”
  3. Usually the process will take a little time. Wait until you get an SMS reply from the operator.
  4. If it has been successfully processed, an SMS will appear from the TELKOMSEL operator containing information about the number of regular credits that have been successfully exchanged from the Videomax quota.


The conversion calculation system from internet quota to regular credit is: 1GB = 10 thousand rupiah. So, suppose you have a videomax quota of 4000 MB, convert it to regular credit to Rp. 40,000,-

That’s How To Change Videomax Quota To Regular Credit. Hopefully this way, the videomax quota for those who don’t like watching movies won’t be in vain. Good luck.

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